Why You Should Have Office Friendships

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The last thing anyone wants is a job where the most interaction you have in a day is with your computer screen. Here at Payline, we emphasize the importance of office friendships taking a few breaks throughout the day so that the productivity doesn’t plateau and our work doesn’t suffer.

Taking advantage of these breaks, however, is almost never done alone. Our office allows for lots of fun and stress-relieving activities that we all take advantage of, like ping pong, shuffleboard and video games. Not only are these fun ways to get to know the people you will see every day, but they help to build office friendships to rely on. Office friendships can improve the overall quality of your work and maintain a positive attitude toward your company.

Huffington Post shared insights on the benefits of being friends beyond just being coworkers in the office. While there are some who will argue that a strong social scene in the office is a distraction, research shows that solid social connections at work are proven to boost productivity, not to mention they make employees excited and happy to come into work and less likely to look for another role elsewhere.

At Payline, we work in an open office where conversations and music flow freely as we work together, creating an atmosphere we all enjoy.  We also have an open area with long tables for meal breaks. This is purposeful, in that we are all encouraged to sit together for meals and talk rather than constantly having headphones in or eating while working at our desks. This provides the opportunity to hear about what is going on in someone else’s life, take a break from work and build relationships.

Huffington Post also reported that more than 8 in 10 American workers experience job-related stress, particularly females, but that friendships and camaraderie help the workplace happiness of both male and female employees. Payline strives for good communication and positive relationships between our employees. These relationships, however, are not entirely based on just having a good time with one another. The camaraderie being built is also about sharing a common purpose and creating the sense that everyone is there for each other, which will also create a strong of sense of loyalty from employee to company.

The concept of camaraderie is very important at Payline, and we strive to create that sense of common purpose and unity through our Payline Giving program. Each month, our company supports a different charitable cause, and the entire team works together to support causes and get involved. Making a positive impact is very important to Payline, and as a team who loves to give back, working to uphold this staple helps to maintain our strong company camaraderie. The 17th Annual Chicago Polar Plunge to Support Special Olympics Chicago is our next team endeavor, and we can’t wait to “plunge in” and contribute to an incredible cause.

Having quality office relationships allows for your business and the customers and organizations you work with to benefit from a positive interpersonal dynamic. Payline wants to build a strong relationship with your business.

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This piece was written by Lauren Minning, Content Specialist for Payline.

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