If you are having difficulties finding your NCR Silver Login or reaching NCR for customer support, this article will explain how to log in to your NCR silver account and reach out to NCR directly. Secondly, this article will discuss the pros and cons of NCR Silver and using Payline as a better alternative.

How to Login to NCR Silver

  • Visit the login page at https://merchant.ncrsilver.com/
  • Enter your NCR Silver User ID
  • Enter your password and click login in 
  • If you have an issue with your password, you can easily reset it by clicking the reset password button, which is located directly below the login button. Once you do so, you will need to enter your User ID, and NCR will send your email associated with your User ID a link to reset your password. 

If you have any other difficulties with your NCR Silver Login, you should reach out to NCR for customer service. They provide top-of-the-line customer service 24/7 and to help you with any issue with your service. Their general service number for the US is 1-800-CALL-NCR, and if you are calling from outside the US, you can call 1-937-445-1936.

How to Reach NCR for Support

Additionally, if you need service according to a specific industry or region in the US, you can go to https://www.ncr.com/contact-us. On this page, NCR provides several phone numbers and emails specifically addressing particular areas of NCR’s services. If there is an issue with your NCR Silver Login or any other NCR service NCR should be easily able to provide you with support.

Why Choose NCR 

NCR Silver is an excellent POS service with high-quality hardware and software that provides outstanding service to users. Along with customer service, NCR also offers several different software and hardware bundles for users.

This variety is reflected in the fact that NCR Silver is used by a variety of businesses that can successfully utilize NCR silver from small businesses to large enterprises. NCR also offers services you can scale up as your business grows from one location to many. No matter the size of your business, NCR likely has a solution that fits your business and your needs.

In terms of hardware and user-friendliness, NCR Silver is an excellent choice. The user interface of NCR terminals is straightforward and streamlined to use. This allows the user to quickly navigate the system and train staff in its use relatively easily. This intuitive design is conducive for industries or businesses that see high turnover rates and cannot afford to spend much time training new staff. 

NCR Silver has two different pricing plans for you to choose from. NCR Silver Starter is $0/ month with a hardware agreement. In addition, the Premium plan is $175/ month with a hardware agreement. For processing fees, NCR offers 2.99%+ $0.15 per transaction for Starter and 2.25%+ $0.15 per transaction for the Premium plan. 

NCR hardware is also easy to install for your business as they offer hardware setup along with your contract. 

Cons of Using NCR Silver

NCR Silver requires a long-term contract and businesses cannot choose to pay month to month. NCR Silver’s integration options are limited with the only online commerce option being the NCR Silver Commerce platform. In addition, the contract includes an exclusive usage agreement on the part of users. 

The termination fees require that you pay out the remaining months of your contract if you wish to terminate the contract early. These facts make it more difficult for a user to choose another POS system if they are unsatisfied with NCR Silver. NCR Silver does not have an option for a free trial period, unlike other POS providers.  

Payline and NCR Silver Compared

Feature NCR SilverPayline
User-Friendly SystemYesYes
Multiple Service OptionsYesYes
Transparent PricingNoYes
Flexible ContractsNoYes
Free TrialNoYes
Multiple IntegrationsNoYes
24/7 Customer ServiceYesYes
Termination FeesYesNo

What We Both Do

Fortunately for those wishing to use NCR Silver hardware for their business, there are other options. NCR hardware is sold and used by many other POS systems such as Payline. Payline operates with several different brands of POS hardware, including NCR Silver. As a result of this, Payline is more than willing to work with a prospective user with existing NCR hardware to avoid purchasing new hardware. 

Much like NCR Silver Payline offers different service options for in-person or online payments with an option for surcharging. Payline also offers 24/7 customer service to assist you with any issues arising from using our POS service.

What Makes Payline Different

Flexible Contracts and Free Trial

  • Offers new users a free trial to determine if Payline works for their business.  
  • No requirement for a lengthy contract or termination fees. Use Payline as long or as little as you want for no additional fees. 

Multiple Integrations

  • Payline integrates with other popular POS hardware such as Clover, Oracle, and Vend, so if you wish you can transition to another brand of POS hardware.
  • Variety of integration options for online purchases.

Lower Cost and Transparency 

  • Offers lower transaction fees and greater price transparency than other POS services, including NCR. For example, Payline has a handy cost calculator, so you can estimate your monthly POS costs.    
  • For in-person transactions Payline offers $10 per month subscription and 0.4% + $0.10 per transaction. In other words, you could continue to use NCR Silver hardware while paying significantly less per transaction. 

No PCI Fees

  • Many other processors charge you for PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance, which can drive up your cost per transaction.
  • At Payline, we do not think it is necessary to try and nickel and dime you for PCI Compliance. Importantly, we want to make your experience with Payline as easy as possible. Because we want to develop a long-term business relationship. 

Option for Surcharging

  • Payline gives you the option to pass on the per transaction cost to your customers, with surcharging. And it does not matter whether the purchase is made in person or online. 

Dedicated Account Manager

  • Payline will assign you a specific account manager to help you through the entire process of getting Payline set up for your business. 
  • An account manager can assist you with the onboarding process. And they help provide you with more information about the difference between our service and that of NCR Silver. 

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