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As you probably know, merchant services play a crucial role in helping businesses accept payments from credit and debit cards. But these aren’t just the only benefits of holding a merchant account or availing merchant services. Depending on the company you choose, your merchant provider can offer a host of add-on services including (but not limited to) access to payment processing services like encrypted and safe payment gateways, digital payment terminals, and POST units among others.

The best merchant account providers will offer effective services, affordable rates, monthly contracts, no specific deduction in case of cancellation, along with a range of flexible payment options for both physical and virtual transactions.

Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Choosing the best merchant account provider

When it comes to choosing the best merchant account provider, you need to bear the following considerations in mind:

  • Check their flat fee
  • Review the charge for interchange transactions
  • Check if they offer tiered transaction services

Once you consider these key parameters, zeroing in on the best merchant provider will be a tad easier.

Best merchant account providers

But with so many merchant account providers out there, how do you even figure out the best? How do you know which provider stands ahead of the others? Well, to make your job simpler, we have curated this comprehensive list including the top merchant providers that offer a range of comprehensive services at the best rates.

So, if you are still baffled and are hunting for options, here are some of the companies you might want to check out:


Fattmerchant is one of the top options when it comes to merchant accounts for business owners of all types. The company offers a range of excellent POS terminals, API is dedicated for developers, software with simple reporting features, along with seamless third-party integrations that can be effectively monitored through Omni. For the uninitiated, only is an excellent user-friendly payment platform from the brand of Fattmerchant. with this platform in place, you can also enjoy a couple of bonus services like funding on the same day, excellent personalization options, and better reporting capacities if need be.

In case you are unsure about how the services are going to be, you can always reach out to the 2027 customer support unit of the company. These professionals end up ready to assist you in all possible ways and they will address your problem right away. If you need quick help regarding something you might want to navigate into the help center of their web-based platform.

We were also impressed by the pricing structure of Fattmerchant. the company does not offer a tiered or interchange pricing package. Instead, their pricing is wholly subscription-based. All you need to do is pay the dollars 0.08 fee as a transaction subscription. The company won’t add any markup rate to that and everything will be already included in the subscription fee you’re paying monthly. There isn’t however any cancellation or bad fees offered by the company.


Pay line claims to simplify your payments through their physical and online payment options. They also come with a host of simple payment plans and you have an in-house calculator to check the monthly costs of services.

The best part about the company is perhaps their approach to business which is extremely personalized for each customer. With this company in place, you get solutions that are specifically catered to meet your business requirements.

First, they come with an excellent Virtual Transaction dashboard that enables you to overview and monitor all important transactions along with complete access to all customer profiles. The best part: you can find everything from a single location.

Next in line is their cart integration service which we think is the best-in business. The company already has dedicated software that automatically allows you to carry out transactions through their website or your chosen payment gateway on their website.

Their billing and the invoicing unit are equally excellent. Thanks to this, you can send out invoices on a one-time/recurring basis and collect payments in your preferred frequency. Currently, the platform supports both one-time and recurring payments.

Currently, the pay line charges $ 0.2% for all in-person transactions. Their flat fee is the lowest coming down to $0.10 per successful transaction. Again, if your current plan is not inclusive of credit cards you would need to pay 0.4% per transaction along with a flat fee of $0.20 against successful transactions.


When it comes to increased possibilities of doing business you would want a merchant service that offers you a complete range of services. It is exactly what stripe does. This is extremely cost-effective and thus one of the excellent options for anyone owning a small business. Even if you own a standard merchant account, you can enjoy a host of additional facilities like the dedicated dashboard for reporting metrics, a well-featured invoicing tool, a dedicated tool for data exports, and a full API key.

What’s more, customers also get an option of enjoying added third-party integrations like Drupal, Magento, or Stripe to Google Sheets as examples.To add to that, Stripe is compliant with the PCI and faring well and against its competitor Paypal.

The pay package is simple and transparent. If you are performing a Keyed transaction or virtual transaction, you would need to pay a flat rate of 2.9% along with $0.30 against every successful transaction. Alternatively, in the case of chipped transactions and physical transactions, your flat fee would be 2.7% along with $.05 as the excess successful card fee. Additionally, explore the seamless data integration capabilities by considering Stripe to BigQuery for enhanced analytics and insights.”

Bottom Line

Now that you know all about these merchant account providers, explore your options and choose a company that best meets your requirements. Make sure the merchant provider doesn’t just offer a basic suite of services but also offers flexible and easy payment plans. Check if they deduct any cancellation fee and review all the add-on features, they come to offer. Finally, also review the user testimonials and then finally choose the best company that meets and syncs with your requirements perfectly. Because we have comprehensively reviewed each of these hand-picked merchant providers, we are certain that you will have a simpler time navigating through the many options.

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