Payline Knows How to Keep the Workplace Fun (Even on a Monday)

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Research shows that fun work environments, like the one we have here at Payline, lead to more creative and productive employees. As stated in the Journal of Vocational Behavior, “When employees are afforded opportunities to socialize with one another, higher quality relationships develop, which can open the door for the exchange of ideas.” So, how can you make work great again?

The place where your employees will spend most of their day should adhere to the comfortability for a happy work environment. At Payline, we believe that productivity and creativity, as well as a healthy dose of fun, are important parts of every work day. Here are four tips on keeping the workplace fun for your employees to make work great again.

  1. Play Entertaining Music — At Payline, we have installed a Bluetooth Sonos sound system, and employees take turns filling the role of DJ. Playlists are curated throughout the day and this is an upbeat way for your employees to bond over their taste in tunes. There are also moments where we take breaks for karaoke and the occasional lip sync battle.
  1. Have Monthly Themed Movie Nights — We host themed movie nights every month at Payline. Choosing to spend time after hours at work is a great opportunity for your employees to really get to know each other and will lead to better relationship development.
  1. Keep the Snacks and Drinks Stocked – A fully-stocked kitchen is always a comforting sight, especially in the office. The Payline kitchen is full of delightful treats like chips, cookies, granola bars, a cereal bar and — of course — lots of delicious coffee. A well-fed team is a team that is focused and ready to accomplish goals. Payline employees also enjoy the benefits of free lunch on Wednesdays and free breakfast on Fridays.
  1. Leave Room for Play – Payline employees (often referred to as “Payliners”) are lucky to have a well-equipped Nintendo room, shuffle board, and a ping-pong table. We also take breaks for Nerf gun wars and a little Guitar Hero every now and then. Taking “brain-breaks” for a brief bout of friendly competition can rejuvenate your staff when they’re feeling a midday slump.

Fun work environments like ours are great for keeping your employees excited about where they work. Keep customers enthused about your business too by working with an energetic and dependable payment processor like Payline.

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This post was written by Charne Graham, content specialist at Payline.

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