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Cashless payments have been getting more traction than ever as the world is transitioning to the digital era. With just a few clicks and swipes, your payment will be processed right away, whether you’re buying online or at physical stores. Thus, most businesses are also adapting the seamless mode of payment through credit card machines. Credit card machines are incredible innovations, saving thousands of businesses from customers’ growing demand for digital and cashless transactions. It’s a portable device that can read and process electronic transactions without a POS system or a cash register. It can do the job in a single swipe, including printing receipts and settling payments.

Ingenico Card Reader is a well-known credit card reader that most businesses are taking advantage of because of its unique features. It was introduced by a French-based company aiming to provide seamless solutions to skip the complicated process of paying.

One of Ingenico’s in-demand models of card reader machines is the iCT220, which is known to have the best features for processing cashless payments. It’s part of the Telium series launched by the company and the iWL220 and iWL250, all meeting the expectations of both merchants and consumers.

Pros of Using Ingenico Card Reader

In most Ingenico Card Reader machines, they provide great benefits that are worth the investments, such as:

Lightweight and Portable

Convenience is the greatest offer of Ingenico Card readers as you can carry and use them anywhere. Its weight is approximately 11.46 oz or 0.3 kg only, making it seamless to move from one place to another. These machines are ideal for either small or huge businesses wanting to provide a seamless purchasing experience for their consumers.

All in one device

Nowadays, a single device can do almost anything from shopping, paying, communicating, and more. It’s also similar to Ingenico’s card reader machines providing all-in-one features to make payment transactions hassle-free. For example, the iCT220 model version and other modern terminal series of Ingenico can process transactions, send reports, and print receipts at the same time.

Top-notch Security

Using electronic payments limits the risks and hassle of paying with cash with the help of these card reader machines. The Ingenico credit card machine supports a top-notch security algorithm to protect every transaction and secure the safety of all data.

Best Features of Ingenico Card Reader

Ingenico has provided the world with innovations that help with cashless payments and seamless transactions. Its products offer the best feature to support businesses simplify the process of paying. Here are some of the features that make Ingenico’s products stand out among others.

Simple and Smart Design

Ingenico’s credit card machines’ are available in simple yet smart design, providing ease of use to consumers and merchants. As you have probably seen one in a grocery store or you have your own, it is composed of a small screen on its upper part and buttons below. Then, on the other side is the area where you can swipe the card. It’s easy to navigate and get the job done without any complicated process.

Large Screens and Buttons

You can also expect Ingenico card reader products to have large screens and buttons, making the data prompted on the screen readable. It’s a great feature, especially since there are customers who don’t have clear eyesight. Moreover, its backlit and high contrast features are worth mentioning as it also offers excellent help for customers to use the device seamlessly.

Moreover, the large buttons are essential for the consumers to input the passcodes efficiently. It quickens the transaction since it will prevent customers with dainty hands from inserting incorrect codes. They can easily toggle each button and proceed with the payment without stressing out.

Accepts all Types of Transaction

Whether the customer wants to process NFC, EMV chip, magstripe, or PIN e-transaction, stores and merchants can offer all of them to the consumers using the Ingenico reader machines. Thus, making the overall process quick and easy, there’s no need to use separate devices for each type. Furthermore, these card readers can process the transaction automatically regardless of whether the customers use credit or debit cards. They can detect the type of cards once they are swiped on the devices.

Multiple Users

Investing in digital machines can be overwhelming, especially for small startup businesses. Fortunately, card reader machines are affordable and efficient as one device can accommodate up to twelve users. Thus, merchants don’t have to buy more machines if they can just share one credit card device. Usually, this feature requires users to create their accounts with their own passcodes to process transactions in one machine.

Internet Connectivity

You can also expect Ingenico products to have the internet connectivity feature that you can’t find from similar products. Mostly, the card readers are connected to Ethernet to transmit a faster internet connection to the device.

Smart Innovation

As time goes by, Ingenico innovates a more modern and slick design of card reader machines. So, from large bumpy buttons, Ingenico launched smart touch screen products to cope with the advancement of technology. Its latest product is the Moby series, including Moby 5500, Moby 6500, and Moby 8500.

The smart models of Ingenico offer more flawless and lightweight designs adapting mobile device features. It’s also faster and more reliable for electronic transactions, whether for micro-merchant or larger businesses.

How to Setup the Ingenico Card Reader

Setting up the Ingenico card reader is quick and easy in just a few minutes; you’ll be able to use it to process electronic payments. Usually, an instruction guide is included that you can use to set it up properly. You should also make use of the diagram to speed up the job.

However, there are a few things that you should consider when setting up a card reader machine and beginning using it. Here are some of them:

1. Ensure that the portable card reader is placed on an even and accessible surface for your consumers to use it seamlessly.

2. Use an Ethernet cable connection for faster and reliable transactions.

3. Check and ensure to remember the merchant ID number provided on the Welcome letter. It’s your key to using the device, so be sure you have it.

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