Understanding how to get a debit card machine is important. You don’t want any hassles as you move forward to accept card payments. You may be tempted to buy one from another business or online to save money. However, that item may not be compatible with your needs, and you will spend more money in the long run.

How to get a Debit Card Machine

It is best to get your debit card machine from your merchant account provider. They offer a variety of items to meet the goals and design of your business. Sometimes, you can choose to buy the machine. In other instances, you rent it and pay a fee each month for the equipment. There are pros and cons to each option. With an excellent merchant account provider, they can help you get the right equipment for your needs and properly set it up.

Merchant Account

Before you worry about how to get a debit card machine, find the right merchant account. Compare their reputation, customer service, and the fees involved with their services. The goal is to identify the best solution so you can efficiently complete debit card transactions. Find out about the equipment required and the cost of it. All of this should be investigated before you apply for a merchant account with any provider.

The Right Equipment for your Needs

The design of your business will influence the type of debit card machine you need. You may want something to use at the cash registers for a walk-in business. You may be interested in the handheld options for a mobile business. This works well if you often go to trade shows or you are a vendor and attend different events where you sell your items.

The merchant provider can go over your needs and match up the right equipment with them. They should offer plenty of solutions to ensure your business doesn’t have trouble using the equipment. Such machines should be designed both to swipe cards and to insert when they have a chip.

If you travel often to promote your business and offer merchandise, a wireless debit card machine may be a good option. It gives you the flexibility you need to use it just about anywhere. You don’t want customers to be deterred by a long line to pay for items. With a wireless handheld option, you can have several employees filling those orders and moving the lines.

If you are a small business, there are devices you insert into your tablet or mobile phone. They allow you to process debit cards without a full-blown machine. They convert your device into a way to process the orders and accept this form of payment. It all depends on what your merchant account provider offers.

Rent or Buy the Equipment?

The merchant account providers may give you the option to rent or buy the equipment. When you rent it, you pay a fee each month for as long as you have the equipment. Typically, if it breaks or doesn’t function properly they will replace it at no charge. They will also exchange the equipment for you when an advanced model is available.

This ensures you always have the best debit card machine available. Should you end the merchant account contract, you will need to return the rented equipment. If you fail to do so, there may be additional charges on your account. All of this should be disclosed in your contract with them.

When you buy the equipment, you pay a flat rate and it is yours to keep. If it breaks or doesn’t function you may have to pay to repair or replace it. When an upgrade is available, you will have to pay for new equipment if you want the best technology and features available. Find out the cost of the equipment to rent or buy before you sign up for any merchant account.

Proper Setup

How to get a debit card machine is only part of the process. Proper setup and use are essential for it to work as it should. Find out what has to be done for the setup before you sign up for anything. Avoid any equipment that is difficult to set up or takes a great deal of time to activate. Look for a debit card machine that lasts but is also easy to use.


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