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Keeping track of your finances and payments isn’t always an easy task to go through. Because of this, Google has revamped its online payment services, placing them under the G Pay or Google Pay umbrella. This helped simplify payments done online, either between friends or in stores without extra Google Pay Fees. You can also request a Google Pay refund after making such payments. Now, about 150 million people in 30 different countries utilize Google Pay for their necessary transactions.

In this article, you will learn the essential things about Google Pay, such as how to remove card from google pay, who accepts google pay, how Google Pay refund is processed, and whether there are google pay fees or not.

How it Works

With Google Pay, you have the option to make contactless payments, peer-to-peer money sending, and in-app purchases without being charged Google Pay fees. The app mainly focuses on the businesses or friends you usually make transactions with and is seamlessly organized around conversations. You can utilize the app to order food in 100,000 different restaurants, pay for parking in over 400 cities, or buy gas at 30,000 various gas stations. You can also view past transactions, loyalty info and find offers as well while you’re at it.

Paying on a website or app

Aside from that, it also gives you the opportunity to save money without copying promo codes or clipping coupons. This helps reduce the cost of Google pay fees that you’ll usually have to bring out. All you have to do is look out for certain offers coming from brands, and then you can easily activate them within the app with just a tap. These offers will be automatically applied for when you make payments online or in the store.

When it comes to a Google Pay refund, you can request one by directly contacting the specific merchant that you made transactions with.

Who accepts Google Pay?

If you opt to connect your cards or bank account to Google Pay, the application will show you summaries of periodic spending as well as insights and trends over time. Through this, you can see a clearer and direct view of your finances.

If you’re curious about who accepts Google pay, Google Pay works with your debit or credit cards from US and UK financial institutions such as MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and American Express. You may find a more comprehensible list of acceptable financial institutions here.

Furthermore, Google Pay is accepted in various major stores alongside countries and banks. Some of which are main US stores like Barneys New York, Crate & Barrel, American Eagle Outfitters, Foot Locker, and Bloomingdale. Even so, Google Pay services are still not supported in other countries, and not all stores accept payments through the app. If you’re wondering about which major stores accept transactions through Google Pay or who accepts google pay, you may browse the list accessible on this link.

How to remove card from Google Pay

One question you might have right now is how to remove card from google pay? If you want to remove card from Google Pay – either your debit or credit card – you can do so by editing the payment method found in the app. Here, you may be able to erase bank account information and remove card from Google Pay. However, you can’t remove or edit your Google Pay balance.

how to remove card from google pay – Removing your credit or debit card

1. First, run the Google Pay application

2. Click Menu, which is found at the top left, then choose Payment methods.

3. Then, select the payment method that you wish to remove.

4. Tap the More option at the top right and then click Remove payment method.’

how to remove card from google pay using  your Android device

1. Open Settings.

2. Click Google Services & preferences. From the menu, choose Settings for Google Apps, and then click Google Pay.

3. Here, choose the payment method that you wish to eliminate.

4. Then, tap more. Choose Remove Payment Method.’

5. From here, you will see a pop-up screen that will show instructions you need to follow.

Do take note that these steps may vary, especially if you currently have an old Android version. You can learn to update your version here.

Does Google Pay charge fees?

Google Pay fees aren’t required when making contactless payments or transactions. It is a free application where users can make easy and fast purchases wherever and whenever. All they have to do is simply use the app when they check out their orders. Here, both customers and merchants are able to enjoy a more convenient experience when they opt to use Google Pay. Moreover, customers can guarantee the security of essential bank information since the app does not send their actual card number to create the payment. Rather, it utilizes a virtual account number which represents the information associated with the account.

Does Google pay refund?

Another thing that you may be curious about is whether Google Pay refund or not. The answer is yes. You will get Google Pay refund if your transactions are initially debited from your account or card but they didn’t compete. So, if transactions are not complete, for example, you are not able to download the apps you bought, you will get a refund.

Now that you know how to remove card from google pay, who accepts google pay, how Google Pay refund is processed, and whether there are google pay fees or not. you will be more comfortable using Google Pay in the future!

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