EMV and How it can Help Your Business

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EMV technology is a handy tool in the payments industry and can significantly help your business. This article will describe what EMV technology is, how it works, and how EMV can help your business. Finally, this article will show you how Payline can use EMV technology to maximize your revenue. 

What is EMV Technology?

EMV technology has resulted in a revolution in the payments field. The term EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa. These companies are primarily responsible for developing and implementing EMV technology globally. The purpose of this technology has been to reduce the prevalence of credit card fraud dramatically

This technology comes in the form of a chip built into credit cards to provide greater security and encryption to the cardholder’s data and their transactions. It has made in-person card theft or fraud incredibly difficult. Additionally, it is more difficult for cardholder information to be counterfeited

How does EMV work? 

EMV cards are able to obtain a higher degree of security as the chip in the card creates a unique code with each transaction. Unlike older magstripe cards that use the exact data for each transaction, making credit card fraud is more likely. In addition, many EMV cards require the user to input their PIN for a transaction adding another layer of protection.

Unlike magstripe cards that do not encrypt data, EMV cards provide encryption in order to make fraud much more unlikely. Unfortunately, this means that if someone somehow obtains a cardholder’s data, they would still have to decrypt it, which is incredibly difficult. 

What can EMV do for My Business?

Increase Security

This is the most apparent benefit of EMV technology for your business, as your customers can have peace of mind that their information is being protected. Additionally, you do not want to risk your business being liable for credit card fraud. 

A liability shift has occurred with the implementation of EMV technology. If someone attempts to use a fraudulent chip card and the merchant does not have an EMV reader to catch that fraud, then the merchant is liable for that fraud. Therefore, your business must have EMV card readers to ensure that you are not held responsible for fraud committed by others. 

Ease of Use

More and more, it has become apparent that digital payment is more effortless than cash. Cash has limited security features, and it is easy to lose track of cash in your business. It is vital that your business not miss out on valuable revenue by not being able to process credit card payments. An EMV card reader can help your business avoid this problem. These card readers allow you to process transactions much faster than cash transactions

Popularity Among Customers

EMV cards have become the global standard when it comes to credit cards. The overwhelming majority of consumers in the US now have EMV cards, and your business must have EMV card readers to process those cards. 


With cash transactions, it can be more challenging to analyze your customers’ purchasing patterns. But EMV card readers allow your business to collect valuable data that you can use to streamline your business. 


EMV card readers allow you to process all three types of credit card transactions. These include magstripe, EMV, and contactless payments such as tap to pay or Apple Pay. Additionally, EMV cards can still be swiped or have contactless payment features. With EMV technology, you can provide your customers with options when it comes to payment. 

EMV card readers can come with various features, functions, and prices. Therefore, it is essential that whatever card reader you go with addresses the needs of your business. On average, EMV card readers cost from $500 to $1000. 

Clover EMV Card Readers and Payline

Clover produces some of the best EMV card readers in the industry. And with Payline, you can easily access these useful payment tools. 

Clover Go 

This is an incredibly compact and useful tool for your business. Able to fit in your pocket, Clover Go provides you with an unprecedented degree of flexibility. It is able to process swipe transactions, chip transactions, and contactless transactions

All you need to do is pair Clover Go with a smartphone. This is incredibly easy as Clover Go works with either iOS or Android devices. With Payline, you can get Clover Go for $139, far below the industry average of at least $500. Thanks to its compact size and affordable price, your business can efficiently operate a large number of Clover Gos with Payline. 

Clover Flex

Clover Flex is another excellent EMV card reader that provides more functions than Clover Go. All three types of credit card transactions can be easily processed with Clover Flex. While not as small as Clover Go, you can easily carry around Clover Flex to provide your customers with mobile payment options. 

Clover Flex also comes with a receipt printer and a touch screen that can enable you to perform various tasks. These can include inventory management and allow you to run a complete point-of-sale system with Clover Flex. While more expensive than Clover Go at $549, it is still a lower price compared with the industry average. Additionally, with Payline, you can use Clover Flex as a flexible and more robust payment solution. 

Payline’s Processing

Not only do we offer top-of-the-line EMV card readers such as Clover Go and Flex, but Payline also has excellent payment processing. Most importantly, we are affordable for in-person transactions and only charge 0.4% + 10 cents per transaction.

We also offer a free trial because we want you to be comfortable with our service before you start paying us. Payline also meets the highest industry security standards, and any EMV card reader you purchase from us will protect you and your customers. 

We also do not charge you any termination fees if you are unhappy with our services. We want you to continue working with us because of the quality of our service, not because you do not want to pay an expensive termination fee. 

Here at Payline, we are committed to providing you with excellent service, and as such, we have invested heavily in creating genuinely excellent customer service. So if there is any issue with your EMV card reader, you can just call, and we will make sure to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. 

Payline also offers a wide variety of EMV card readers from many manufacturers, along with Clover. These include Vend, Oracle, NCR, and Ingenico. So you can easily find the EMV card reader you need with Payline. 

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