How to Make Money and Get Your Green Card With an EB5 Visa Investment Project

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As you probably already know, investing is one of the best ways to make money, especially if you’re a business owner or investor with dreams of becoming a millionaire or owning multi-million global investments.

The great thing about making money from investing in a sound business is that thanks to the nature of our modern world and the technological advancements it has given us, anyone looking to make money can invest using different avenues.

For example, if you’re looking to make money, you can invest using avenues like:

  • Online-based businesses
  • Real estate.
  • The stock market.
  • CDs.
  • And direct foreign investments, to mention a few.

Direct foreign investments are a unique way to invest and make money, especially for investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners who’ve always wanted to immigrate and invest in another country, like the US.

This blog post will discuss and show you how to make money and get a green card by investing in an EB5 project.

What are EB5 visa investment projects?

Before you can make money and get a US green card by investing in an EB5 visa investment project, you need to understand EB5 visa investment projects.

The EB5 visa is a residency-based (green card) investment-driven visa that grants investors, their spouses, and kids under 21 a permanent residency green card to the US after investing a certain amount of money in a job-generating American business or enterprise (more on this below).

EB5 visa investment projects can be any new or existing businesses that meet the EB-5 Visa Classification job creation and capital investment requirements, the primary ones of which are:

1. Job creation requirements for EB5 visa investment projects 

New and existing business enterprises can only qualify as EB5 investment projects if they create 10 full-time jobs for qualifying Americans. For new commercial businesses, investors must create and sustain these 10 jobs.

On the other hand, investors who prefer to invest directly in a distressed business must, among other things, show the business’s capacity to sustain at least 10 jobs for 2 years.

2. Capital investment requirements for EB5 visa investment projects

The USCIS, the institution that administers the EB5 visa program, defines capital as any foreign investor-owned cash or assets.

Additionally, USCIS stipulates that the capital invested in EB5 projects must not be from illegal means or in debt form, and investors must show proof of the source of funds. Moreover, the investment project should have a guaranteed return on investment rate.

On how much investors need to put into an EB5 project, USCIS has a convenient table showing that after 3/15/2022, the minimum investment in EB5 projects is:

  • In a Targeted Employment Area (TEA), the minimum investment amount is $800,000
  • Investment amounts for High-Employment areas used to be $1,000,000, but that’s vacated now, making investing in TEAs the only viable option for investors.

Investors who want to invest in EB5 projects, make money and get a US green card can invest directly or through regional center projects.

Regional centers are USCIS-designated entities or centers that vet and sponsor EB5-qualified investment projects that pool investor funds and invest them in large-scale commercial and for-profit enterprises in various industries like infrastructure and real estate. 

EB5 projects then treat the foreign investment as debt repayable over a period, often five years, to meet USCIS EB5 visa obligations regarding payouts. USCIS has so far vetted and approved more than 800 regional centers, many of whom have many qualified EB5 projects. 

Investing in EB5 projects via regional centers can be a great way to invest passively in a vetted and approved EB5 project that makes money, get a green card, and immigrate to the US as an investor.

On the other hand, direct foreign investment without an intermediary can be a great choice when the goal is to take a more hands-on approach to EB5 projects and running a successful business enterprise that makes money.

Both approaches have merits and demerits, but foundationally, success with both approaches boils down to choosing the right EB5 visa investment project, which brings us to the next point:

How to make money and get a green card by investing in the right EB5 project

To make money and get a US green card by investing in a revenue-generating EB5 project, you need to find and choose the right EB5 project. 

How to find the best EB5 Investment project

The best way to find the right, vetted, and certified EB5 investment projects is to work with a trusted and well-known EB5 project manager and regional center like EB5AN. Regional centers often have pre-qualified EB5 projects that meet EB5 visa criteria and are ready for pooled investor funds in TEAs. 

Additionally, because the USCIS sets aside 30% of all EB5 visas to regionally-managed TEA projects, using the regional center route is often the fastest way to get a foreign investment US green card/EB5 visa.

Besides this, to choose an EB5 visa investment project that makes money, it’s important to pay attention to things like:

I-526 Approval

The first step to investing in an EB5 project is filing form I-526, which states which project you want to invest in, the source of capital, the expected jobs created, and so much more.

Most EB5 visa investment projects managed by regional centers have this approval, making them ‘safer bets’ than making a direct foreign investment in a business entity.

Real estate investments are the most common (and profitable)

Because the idea is to invest in an EB5 project, get a US green card, and make money, choosing project types historically known to perform well can make a big difference and determine whether your investment actually makes money. 

As far as EB5 investing goes, real estate projects, especially those managed by regional centers, have a leg-up over most other projects because of the sheer capital involved, the fact that they often pool investors’ funds, and often meet the job creation criteria.


As this blog has illustrated, you can make money and get a green card by investing in an EB5 project. However, to do so, you must be deliberate when choosing your preferred EB5 investment project.

Again, working with a vetted and trusted regional center like EB5AN is the best way to choose a project that meets all USCIS requirements, guarantees a return on investment, and gets you a US green card.

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