The Final Frontier of Retail is a Payment Processor

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Your current payment processor may work directly with a business and not your customers, but it’s the customers who feel the lasting impression of a processor’s involvement in retail. Why? Because the payment processing is the final step in retail that makes the biggest difference in the customer experience, and, because of this, a payment processor plays a big role in make a lasting impression on retail customers.

The point of sale can also be called the point of no return or the breaking point, because customer decisions and loyalty can be made and lost in a moment of friction-filled payment processing. Luckily, with the right payment processor, the experience and impression you leave on your customers can be a lasting and positive one.  

The final moments of checkout are the last moments that a customer will remember of their experience with your business, which means that the process has to be as seamless as possible, not to mention as secure as possible. Fortunately, the right payment processor can help you cover all of those bases and then some by working with you to find the right solutions for your business. Consider some of these options from your current payment processor.

Current Payment Processor Lacks Mobility

Mobile payments encompass everything that customers want in a shopping experience: speed, convenience, and little-to-no friction. While some businesses are slower to adopt mobile payments as the tech and security continue developing, they are a great option to provide your customers. When it comes to offering mobile services you have options like mobile wallets or mPOS by way of plug-in readers or NFC tech. What method you choose will depend on your business type and needs.

Mac or PC?

Online payments are a popular payment method, and in order to accept them at your business, you will need an online payment gateway. Processing payments through an online payment gateway are easy and fast and go through a thorough security check via encryption, authorization and final order fulfillment. The biggest consideration to take into account online payments is friction.

Too often, there is online cart abandonment due to long time periods spent filling out information on multiple pages, forced account creation, and payments hassle. In fact, 46% of cart abandonment happens at the payment stage. Look for a payment processor who can solve online payment friction problems, like Payline Connect.

Welcome In!

Though there is much debate about the future of brick-and-mortar stores and physical cash in the wake of Amazon’s booming enterprise, there is still a lot of value to a tangible customer experience, including tangible payments. At the moment, however, you won’t want your payment processing method to malfunction and potentially cost sales, so do your research and find a solution that is reliable and easy to use, like Payline Shop. Customers want a positive shopping experience combined with modern technology for seamless transactions, and a payment processor like Payline can provide this.

It’s important to prioritize what the payment processing experience is like for your customers, and you’ll need a top-notch payment processor to do that. If your current payment processor isn’t meeting the needs you have, you can switch to a payment processor, like Payline, without the headache. Payline knows the value of payment processing to the customer, which is why we offer easy-to-use solutions from mobile to in-store that benefit both the business and the customer.

Prioritize Processing

This piece was written by Lauren Minning, Content Specialist for Payline.

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