Credit Card Processing Services Must Provide Exceptional Support

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This week, Twitter made an announcement that they will begin automating customer service options to businesses who use their platform. This will allow companies, like those in merchant credit card processing services space, to set up automated customer support messages via DMs. Twitter’s new service will also allow for welcome greetings and replies to be automated. While we are happy to see innovation and new uses for social media, we feel strongly that your credit card processing services team should be available with real-time support to you to help you understand how to accept credit cards.

Why Personal, Real-Time Support is Important

Even though you know how to accept credit cards at your business, it’s possible that you don’t know what every number means on your processing statement. There is no doubt that you are paying various unavoidable fees as determined by your credit card processing services provider and card issuing banks. These fees may seem unimportant with a quick glance of your statement but over time can add up to something that could hurt your business.

We recently wrote about the fees you may be overlooking. It’s important to work with a payment processor who will be honest about the fees you are paying each month. Payline can provide your business with a complimentary statement analysis where a dedicated representative will highlight the unnecessary fees you’re likely paying month-to-month. This is one easy solution that can show you where you can be saving money and increase profits by thousands of dollars at your business.

Meet Your New Friend In Payments

Payline continues to develop and improve upon their technical assistance and support to meet your needs. Have a question about your current plan or need assistance getting set up taking payments? Reach out to our top-notch team today. Is your current payment processor failing to provide you with the attention your business deserves? Payline is ready to help you process effectively so that you feel supported in your business.

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