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Since the pandemic began in early 2020, there has been a huge increase in the use of no-touch payment methods with 67% of retailers now offering them. The demand for no-touch payments has pushed companies to replace traditional point-of-sale systems with systems that incorporate innovative, efficient payment solutions, like the Clover Mini.

In a burgeoning area of point-of-sale systems, a small but mighty system has risen to the top of the pack. The Clover Mini holds an impressive amount of technology, including payment software, in a small package.

Business owners are always looking to grow with the times, and many consider the Mini the perfect option. But is it the right choice for you and your business?

Read our guide to find out everything you need to know about the Clover Mini.

What Is the Clover Mini?

The Clover Mini is an all-in-one point of sale system for businesses. It’s a well-thought-out, streamlined business software unit that comes in a sleek, space-saving design that merchants love.

No matter what your business needs are, the Clover Mini takes care of it. From taking payments online or in-store, managing inventory, collecting customer information, tracking sales, or doing payroll-the Mini can do it all and more.

What Can the Clover Mini Offer My Business?

Are you a business owner looking for an easy, hassle-free way to set up and run your business from A to Z? The Clover Mini may be a good option for you. It’s fully customizable with many apps and programming you can choose from that help you create the POS system that your business truly needs.

Web Dashboard

The web dashboard is the place to access any information or resources you need or want to know about your business. This can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. Type in your email address and your password, and you can access information on:

  • Orders
  • Sales reports
  • Inventory
  • Employees
  • Customer Services
  • Trends

Payment Processing

The Clover Mini is one of the most advanced terminals for payment and credit card processing available on the market today. It can accept almost all types of payment processing, including Apple Pay, Google Wallet, any credit, debit, virtual and physical gift cards, and QR codes. Card numbers can also be entered manually in the case of phone sales. A handy receipt printer is also built into the console and offers many different receipt options.

Customer Appreciation

If customer appreciation is important to you, Clover Mini can help. Your customer profiles can be customized to include birthday notifications and coupons and notes about their order preferences, frequency of orders, messaging, and other notes.

Other Business Management

With Clover Mini, there are multiple business software options that help you manage your entire business from front to back. It keeps you organized, helps grow your business, engage with clients, pays clients, and helps you get paid. Access the data you need, whether sales trackers, marketing preferences, or managing payroll, invoicing, and accounting.

What Are Some of the Features of the Clover Mini?

The Clover Mini is one of the most popular POS systems out there. There are some features of the Clover Mini that help it stand out from other POS systems:

  • Shipped in one business day
  • Plugged in and ready to go in minutes
  • User-friendly interface that can be learned in an hour or less
  • Efficient payment software with quick payment processing times of under 3 seconds
  • Keeps the checkout counter clutter-free
  • Works with Wifi, Ethernet, or 4G
  • Access from anywhere at anytime
  • Clover Mini customer service and 24/7 troubleshooting and support

Apps, Apps, and More Apps

Every business is unique, and each one needs unique features and functions from a POS system to run it efficiently and effectively. Enter the Clover Mini. The wide range of available app options adds incredible versatility and functionality to the system.

Most businesses are unique and have different needs and requirements from a point-of-sale system. Whatever your business, Clover Mini has apps for it on the Clover App Market. It comes with some preloaded apps (Order, Tipping, Register, Customers, and a few others), but some of them can be added, such as:

  • Appointment app
  • Bar tab app
  • Mobile printer app
  • Refund app
  • Voice authorization app
  • Phone sale app
  • Closeout app
  • Transactions app

Whether you work on the road, own a restaurant, boutique, or other types of business, know that Clover Mini can work for a wide range of businesses. The company has made versatility, compatibility, and quick and easy payment processing their top priorities.

How Much Does the Clover Mini Cost?

Clover Mini is sold in a way that differs from other POS systems. You must buy the unit with a merchant provider, and the purchase includes a monthly fee and subscription package. Many merchants sell the units, and prices vary slightly from one to the other.

The biggest factor will be customer service, as each merchant provides its own, outside of the troubleshooting, which is handled by Clover Business Solutions.

Clover Mini with built-in receipt printer and scanner: approx. $749

Also included in the price of a Mini:

  • Hub
  • Power Cord
  • Power Brick
  • Screwdriver
  • Receipt Paper (2)
  • Ethernet Cable
  • USB cord

Clover monthly fee packages:  Payments Plus plan starts from $4.95 per month (for partial access), the Register Lite plan starts at $9.95 per month, and the Register plan with more features, starts at $39.95.

Restaurant plans start at $39.95 per month for the Counter Service Restaurant plan and $69.95 a month for the Table Service Restaurant plan.

There are transaction fees between 2.3% and 2.7% and a $0.10 per sale fee, depending on the plan.

Optional Items: There are multiple optional items available for purchase, such as the swivel stand($99), barcode scanner ($159), and cash drawer ($99).

There is no trial period available for the hardware, but you can get a 30-day trial of the software. With this, you can test out the web dashboard and virtual terminal. You can also get a personalized demo from a Clover sales rep. 

Are You Ready for a Clover Mini?

Clover Mini offers businesses a practical, all-inclusive system that includes innovative payment solutions and software options that change as technology changes.  You can run an entire business with just a mobile phone and a Clover Mini.

What to find out more about the latest point-of-sale technology and the latest advances in payment processing solutions? Browse our small business solutions to provide you with the industry-leading technology and flexible options to fit all of your business needs.

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