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Clover POS (Point-Of-Sale) systems are designed to accommodate various payment options, supporting different types of enterprises, large and small, across multiple industries. To help us understand Clover Systems better, here’s a closer look at what it’s capable of, who can use it, and how the Clover customer service department tries to support the business on its systems.

Let’s dive right in.

The Features that Make Clover Systems Useful

While traditional cash registers have served businesses effectively for decades, they can no longer serve us efficiently in a world where innovative and dynamic enterprises require novel payment solutions. Clover makes life easier for business owners and their clients in several ways, including:

  • Clover systems can support multiple payment options such as Swipe cards, Checks, Cash, EMV Chip cards, Contactless NFC payments (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay), and so on.
  • The system allows you to run transactions successfully within seconds, providing speed and efficiency.
  • Once you set up your tax rates in your system configurations, Clover will apply them automatically to all your consequent transactions.
  • All the deposits you make to your bank account on the Clover system will be reflected in your bank statement within 24 hours.
  • Clover users enjoy full encryption on their systems, which are all PCI-certified and in accordance with finance industry best practices.
  • Clover users are eligible for fraud protection insurance of up to $100,000, which can safeguard businesses against potentially catastrophic criminal activities. In a world where cyber security is an increasingly threatening phenomenon, such security is of vital importance.
  • Clover systems are designed to operate effectively with or without a Wi-Fi connection. If your connection fails for some reason, you can carry on your operations offline as you usually would. These offline payments will automatically update your system once your connection resumes.
  • Clover clients can rely on dedicated support staff to handle any queries, concerns, or suggestions they might have. The Clover customer service department runs 24/7, and you can depend on their experts to help you keep your system running optimally.

What Businesses Use Clover?

Whether you’re running an in-store, brick-and-mortar operation, mobile services, an online enterprise, or any other operation, Clover seeks to provide the solutions that will help you survive and thrive. Some of the most common businesses categories and fields that see significant benefits using Clover systems include:

Quick Service Dining

The secret behind the success and rapid spread of quick service dining outlets lies in the name – they are quick. They include cafes, coffee shops, food trucks, ice cream parlors, etc. In their efforts to keep things running along at a fast clip, such enterprises need to be able to process orders as quickly and efficiently as possible, which is what Clover systems are designed to do.

Full-Service Dining

Bars and restaurants call for robust POS solutions to handle the intricacies and aspects of running small to mid-size businesses. Clover systems can be tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of your business, no matter what field you’re in.  In addition to the Clover POS, if you also provide accommodation services for guests along with food, you can use a QR code for check-in for a smooth and contactless entry to the visitors.

Retail Stores

The retail industry currently experiences cut-throat competition, especially since global online retail’s advent and popularity. A comprehensive and streamlined payment solution will give you a winning edge to set yourself apart from the competition.

Personal Services

A great way to take your operation to the next level is by investing in Clover systems, which allow you to get paid, schedule appointments, engage with clients, and stay organized to serve your clients optimally.

Professional Services

Professionals often have trouble managing the business end of their practice, but Clover systems provide streamlined, easy-to-use payment solutions that do not require additional devices to operate.

Home and Field Services

Mobile enterprises require mobile solutions, and Clover has a plethora of viable portable payment systems to keep up with you.

How Clover Supports Enterprises on Its Network

The hallmark of a good business service is it should have a support system that works to ensure clients receive all the guidance and service they need to optimize their outcomes. In this regard, Clover is among the most dedicated. Clover customer service representatives are ready and willing to provide assistance around the clock and in various ways. These include:

System Selection

Different enterprises require different solutions. To help clients get the best POS system for their particular needs, Clover customer service representatives will guide you through the specifications and applications of their products, guiding you to the optimal solution.

Ongoing Support

Once you have Clover systems onboard, you can rely on their dedicated staff to provide personalized support service. You can contact the Clover customer service number at (855) 853-8340 (U.S. merchants) or (844) 291-1950. You can check out their self-help option by logging onto their help page, where you will find resources to help you use and troubleshoot your system.

Installation Support

While plenty of quick start guides will help you set up and configure your Clover systems, clients can reach out to their third-party support and installation provider, SMB CompuCom, for additional support.

Feedback and Client Engagement

In their efforts to cater to the needs of their customers and continue delivering innovative solutions, Clover facilitates feedback channels that allow people to communicate directly with them and provide criticism, suggestions, and solutions. The public can look at the features requested by the public and keep an eye out for product updates here.

Final Thoughts

Running a business is not easy with rapidly changing technologies, economic challenges, and evolving markets. Clover POS systems and technologies help countless entrepreneurs and established organizations stay on top of their industries. For more information on what they are all about and what they can do for you, reach out to them on the Clover customer service number (855) 853-8340 (U.S. merchants) or (844) 291-1950. Best of luck!

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