Optimizing Your Business Transactions with Automation

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In 2022, technology solutions that were once deemed unimaginable are now a reality. Business process automation (BPA) is just one example. It employs various technologies to boost productivity and profitability. 

This has made BPA appealing to a wide range of enterprises, from small to large-scale organizations.

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Today, business automation is gaining speed and shows no signs of slowing down. As a result, its global market size is expected to reach $19.4 billion by 2026.

Process automation isn’t limited to eliminating humans from the equation. Using software solutions to automate company operations enables a more efficient deployment of resources and higher productivity too.

Because of this, automated business transactions are now one of the cornerstones of running a digital firm or any business operating in the modern age of credit cards, distance selling, and virtual sales.

What is business process automation?

In case you’re wondering, BPA is the use of technology to automate repetitive and time-consuming operations. Business automation means transferring the burden of work from people to machines. Consequently, physical labor is reduced to a minimum. 

In this way, corporate processes become more error-proof, cost-effective, and consistently applied. In addition, the time saved can be allocated to other important company duties, which is a major bonus.

What are the benefits of business process automation?

Let’s now explore some of the benefits of automating your company procedures.

Clarifying processes

Using process mapping software can work as a training resource and provide clarity to the whole workforce.”Evaluating an automated process using test execution tools like TestRail can reveal the difference between how things are and how they should be.

Easing the transition into the digital world

Digital transformation might appear daunting to enterprises that haven’t yet embarked on this journey. However, promoting the adoption of this mindset of continuous transformation can be facilitated by automating business processes. Start with operations that are obviously needed and work your way up progressively to demonstrate the benefits.

Streamlining business processes

Process streamlining is one of the biggest benefits of a process automation system. Eliminating unproductive operations and improving actions that provide value is simplified through clear responsibility, useful insights, and quicker response times.

Consistent standards

You can expect far more consistent results when you automate a business procedure.  Standardization establishes your business as a trustworthy brand, which can help you gain more clients without having to spend on marketing efforts such as trying to find affiliate marketers.

Obtaining compliance history

Every aspect of a process is documented with business process automation. During audits, this information can be used to show compliance.

Boosting customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an important factor in any profession, and you can exceed customer expectations by concentrating on process and operational excellence. 

Certainly, customers are more likely to develop a preference for your business if you uphold your promises and focus on continual self-improvement, whether through process automation or investing in one of the best phone systems for small businesses.

What are automated business transactions?

Business payment automation is the process of automating all types of transactions by converting them to a digital format. A professional team or vendor is typically hired to develop and construct an automated system. This manages the organization’s incoming and outgoing transactions. 

As a brand, you want to give your customers and vendors a variety of payment options. Virtual cards, for example, are becoming increasingly popular among B2B vendors and companies. 

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Justifications for business transaction automation

Automating your business transactions can improve service delivery, whether you run a small business call center or are an online retailer. 

You should automate business payments for the following reasons:

Boost savings

Organisations use payment automation primarily to reduce their outlay. Although certain payment automation options have a significant up-front cost, the savings quickly outweigh the expense. 

One way you’ll save money is by having your computer system perform transaction tasks for you. This means there’s no need to engage employees to do this, so you can put them to more profitable use elsewhere.

Human workers also have limited endurance when it comes to labor. Computers do not. They won’t grumble even if you force them to work all week or to perform 24/7. 

Automated payment systems are considerably more accurate than a typical employee too, which can help you save money otherwise lost to human error.

Optimize working capital

Working capital (usually referred to as a business’s working liquidity) is crucial to its operations. There are several simple methods for determining this. Calculating the difference between the company’s total assets and liabilities is one.

All businesses with substantial payment volumes, especially big businesses, must spend a lot of money and resources on calculating, printing, and authorizing payments. The more staff you have, the more difficult it is, and the more resources are required.

An effective, automated business transaction system scales on its own.  Additionally, they have to be flexible, so the system can be easily adapted if your company changes its divisions.

Increase productivity

Computer systems can operate continuously without a break. Due to the fact businesses don’t solely run during the day anymore, this is crucial. Deals can be negotiated in the business world at odd hours of the night, and you may have to set up call forwarding to receive notifications for crucial transactions.

With an automated business transaction system, you can relax knowing payments will be produced, transmitted, or received in a matter of seconds. A computer generates an invoice almost instantly, adds any discounts, tailors the invoice for a specific customer or vendor, and then sends the invoice to the customer’s address.

Employees agree that automation has a significant effect on their productivity in the digital workplace.

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Boost checks and balances

Every automated business payment system that executes secure online transactions is built to record each and every transaction it completes. This greatly enhances check and balance and lowers the possibility of monetary fraud. 

Additionally, integrated payments help to automate manual payment collection tasks. Every firm that uses automated business payments thus sees an improvement in its check and balance system.  

Employees cannot steal from you either, because no employee is participating in the process. Your company may even be able to make smaller payments on your employee liability insurance premiums as a result.

Improve cash flow

In terms of business finances, cash flow is improved as there’s no delay with automated payments. The only things that will slow you down are how quickly you close business deals and how slowly your clients, suppliers, and competitors operate.

The efficiency of your business is greatly improved through better cash flow. This supports improved connections with present partners and more visibility for prospective partners in the near and long term.

Improve employee retention

For a variety of reasons, automated business transactions significantly increase employee retention. According to studies, a resignation can cost your business up to one-third of the employee’s annual pay. 

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Employee retention is higher in a company or organization where payments are made on time. Automated company payments guarantee all payments are received on schedule, and even in the event of an error, the issue is swiftly identified and resolved.

Strengthen relationships

Everyone wants to be paid promptly and without incident. For example, nobody wants to have to chase up customers for money for unpaid invoices. The principle of keeping commitments and completing payments on time thus underpins all business relationships. 

Automated business transactions make sure this most crucial task is accomplished promptly and automatically. The company then has more time to concentrate on other aspects of the trade relationship.

Automation is the future

Much like enterprise app modernization, automated business transaction systems are gaining in popularity and will continue to do so in the future. They have several potential uses and inarguably deliver an attractive ROI in the long run.

Why not join the world of automated business transactions and watch your brand increase in value and improve its productivity?


Jenna Bunnell – Senior Manager, Content Marketing, Dialpad

Jenna Bunnell is the Senior Manager for Content Marketing at Dialpad, an AI-incorporated cloud-hosted unified communications system that provides web conferencing for business owners and sales representatives. She is driven and passionate about communicating a brand’s design sensibility and visualizing how content can be presented in creative and comprehensive ways. Check out her LinkedIn profile.

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