How to Use AI to Generate a Business Plan

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Business in the business world can only be prosperous with a well-thought-out business plan. A business plan is needed for practical guidance. Indeed, creating an excellent business plan from scratch is overwhelming and time-consuming. Happily, Artificial Intelligence can help entrepreneurs with this complex task. 

AI-powered business plan generators can help generate ideas, structure business plans correctly, and improve their accuracy. With their help, the process will get faster, easier, and more successful.

So, let’s learn why you should exactly use them, how they work, and how to find and choose your best tool.

Let’s move on!

Why Should You Use AI to Write a Business Plan?

There are many more reasons for using AI than are mentioned above. Let’s talk about some of the main reasons and advantages you can get!

  • Ideas and inspiration: Sometimes, when writing something, especially something detailed and lengthy, you can stop at some point and need new ideas or hints. AI tools can help a lot and inspire or suggest content to make your plan logical and smooth. 
  • Low costs: Using an AI-powered tool is more affordable than hiring a business consultant to write a plan for you. Several valuable business plan writing tools are free, and even the paid ones are budget-friendly.
  • Market trends: Some AI-powered tools write business plans based on market analysis. This can provide insights and valuable information about competitors and potential target audiences. 
  • Clear and well-structured: AI-generated business plans are well-structured and clear because they eliminate human mistakes. They are also easy to understand, which is a great advantage if you work with investors.
  • Accurate: AI tools are able to analyze large amounts of data and correct your mistakes. It is an important advantage if you work with financial forecasts. 
  • Changeable: Experimenting is an important part of writing a business plan. AI tools allow change in various scenarios and understand whether they work or no. 

How to Write a Business Plan with AI? 

This is a comprehensive guide to help you begin developing a business plan:

  1. Collect data: Before using AI tools, try to understand your product or service. Gather data about the main competitors and target audience. Have a clear understanding of the main benefits of your product or service. 
  2. Find a feature-rich tool: There are dozens of popular tools. Choose one that suits your requirements, budget, and preferred interface. Some popular tools include PrometAI, LivePlan, and GoSmallBiz (we will discuss them later).
  3. Give details: The more answers and details you give to AI-powered tools, the more accurate your business plan will be generated. Talk about your requirements, your aims, and goals to get precisely what you want. 
  4. Conduct additional research: Take the AI-written plan as a basis and edit it to the best of its ability. Even if it looks perfect at first sight, you have to edit and make additional research to make it better. Only after a comprehensive review, you can find possible mistakes and inaccuracies.  
  5. Make a competitor analysis: Even though AI tools give you market insight, you have to make your own analysis and recheck everything to have a deeper understanding. This way, you can strengthen your AI-generated business plan. 
  6. Add human touch: AI-generated content, especially a business plan, can lack human and personal touch. Add your ideas and values to your brand to make it authentic and helpful.

Finding a Suitable tool

Within many tools, we have collected three well-known and feature-rich AI-powered business plan generators. Let’s talk about each of them in detail and understand their advantages. 

  • LivePlan: Looking for a way to create business plans? This platform has you covered. It offers templates tailored to different industries, financial forecasting tools, and collaboration features. No matter what stage your business is at or what industry you’re in, this platform can help. While there’s a free trial available, you’ll need a paid subscription for full access.
  • PrometAI: PrometAI business plan generator is an advanced tool for crafting business plans. It focuses on industry-specific strategies and data-driven insights. Using its knowledge across different sectors, PrometAI provides ready-to-use templates and creates content following industry standards. It offers powerful financial forecasting algorithms and an interactive dashboard for visualizing data and refining strategies. With a subscription-based model, PrometAI offers various plans tailored to your requirements.
  • GoSmallBiz: The final but certainly not least tool is GoSmallBiz, an AI-powered business plan generator. It details the business overview, firm description, product/service line, and market analysis. What makes Tarkenton GoSmallBiz unique is its integration of educational resources. With access to hundreds of business courses and webinars, users can enhance their business acumen while crafting their business plans. Additionally, the AI tool offers a real-time performance score, providing instant feedback on your plan’s effectiveness.


Now that you know how to use AI tools to write your business plan, you can start your journey! Define your goals, find the most suitable tool, and start writing. Trust the process and use all these tools to show your brand vision and be successful!

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