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Apple did away with the old “bringing your items to the front of the store” routine, and instead allowed you to pay for your items wherever in the store, giving your business the ability to accept card payments anywhere. This was more convenient for the customer as you could be in and out very quickly with the product in hand. It also benefited the company, as it eliminated long lines at the registers, and allowed customers to purchase their products immediately without giving a second thought. Further, all transactions could be tracked in real-time, as they were happening.

These days, almost every store or seller is using some sort of electronic payment processing. You can accept card payments anywhere, anytime. Customers want payment flexibility and convenience. There are so many options to choose from, a business owner can get overwhelmed with the choices. 

Many cloud-based platforms can integrate and interoperate with marketing, accounting, and e-commerce platforms, enabling customers to utilize POS data for other areas of their business. Cloud-based point of sale platforms are accessible anywhere. Tracking your company’s operations is easy. Unlike hardware that does not allow for automatic updates, most iPad and iPhone-based platforms receive free automatic updates, so adding new features and upgrades is quick and easy.

Electronic cash registers feel outdated and give that impression to your customers. There is more room for error when training new employees, many of who may be more familiar with modern point of sale systems. The cloud-based iPad and iPhone point of sale have a much more modern, user-friendly UI. 

Utilizing a cloud-based iPhone or iPad point of sale means your business can continue to run at full steam, regardless of where you are. You will see brick and mortar shops using iPad platforms, along with farmers market vendors, hairstylists, bars, warehouses, and so on. It is only limited by the feature set your point of sale partner can offer you. 

Finally, and this is the most important aspect; the customer experience. The iPad point of sale experience is fast, seamless, quick, and easy without long waiting periods. Patrons will find it easier to give tips. Your customers’ data will also be fully integrated with marketing platforms, allowing emailed communication directly with your customers encouraging repeat business and referrals.

Among a long list of other payment processing companies like Square and Clover, Payline is a standout. Let’s take a look at why Payline may be the right choice for your business.



  • A better customer experience. It’s the dividing line in the sand for repeat customers. With the most secure and intuitive credit card reader for Apple and Android, Payline enables your business to take your customers’ payments anywhere, in-store or on-the-go.
  • Integration with your products and sales, allowing your billing and account access to sales and schedules in real-time. This will make your payment processing seamless and transparent, saving you time and money.
  • Tokenize and store your customer’s payment information through the mobile app. This allows you to handle scheduled billing, recurring billing, tips, and refunding, all with ease.
  • Transparent pricing, without additional fees and long-term contracts. In-person swiping at just .2% ($0.10 per transaction/$10 per month) while “credit card not present transactions” are just 0.4% ($0.20 per transaction/$20 per month). Best of all, your first month is free. No risk, no upfront fees, and no cancellation fees. 
  • A dedicated Account Manager who will ensure you are getting the most from their services. That will go a long way when you have questions about your system and need answers quickly. Some providers, such as Square, for example, have had issues with their customer service. Clients have been locked out of their accounts. Customers of other providers have reported that resolving this issue cannot be done over the phone and instead must wait for a response via email. 


Payline brings flexible options for accepting your payments on your IOS device. The VP3300 enables your business to accept MagStripe, EMV smart card, and NFC/contactless payments including Apple Pay, Google Pay, MasterCard MCL, Visa VCPS, American Express ExpressPay, and more. The VP3300 communicates to the host via USB and is supported with SDK, which allows for simple and easy integration with your business. The USB port is also used for charging. The VP3300 provides the ultimate flexibility by allowing the ICC connection and the magnetic stripe head to be installed remotely from the main contactless module. Another option, the Clover Go, is great for brick and motor shops and on-the-go vendors alike. It connects to any Apple device with an audio jack. The Clover Go is well-built, allowing you to quickly process transactions whether your customer is swiping a card, inserting an EMV chip card, or tapping an NFC smart card. The Clover Go can connect to your phone or tablet, enabling your business to accept payments from anywhere, anytime, in any way. It offers you convenience and your customers relief, knowing that their payments are being securely processed with end-to-end encryption through Clover Security Plus and tokenization. Clover Go supports Apple IOS 8.2 and up and offers Swipe and EMV chip compatibility.

Payline’s integration and apps are a highlight here as well. They offer their customers over three hundred apps to help reduce expenses. With other providers, some industries complain that their business’s basic needs are not supported without the need to purchase a laundry list of expensive apps. Payline also integrates with existing devices and point of sale systems or you can start from scratch with new ones.


Clover’s swipe rates can be as high as 2.7% plus $0.10 per transaction. Clover’s upfront costs can be a few thousand dollars to purchase the equipment. Fiserv, the company which purchased Clover in 2012, has had some issues with excessive fees, account terminations, and withheld funds. Square’s add-on services can be costly as well. Even with these add-on services, Square’s feature set is lacking in more sophisticated tools. This can be frustrating for larger businesses that demand a broader range of more robust features and solutions. Square’s processing rates are as high as 2.6% plus $0.10 per transaction. Square’s flat-rate pricing can get very expensive for larger businesses. Further, Square has a high percentage of rejections.

These issues seem to be in common with other payment processing providers as well. Some, such as North American Bancard, command swipe rates at 2.69%. Others offer less expensive pricing but the balance shifts to poor customer support and experience. 

Payline keeps reasonable pricing and quality customer service in perfect balance while you can accept card payments anywhere. This is where Payline’s wheelhouse seems to be and why they are an excellent choice for all industries, from small vendors at farmers’ markets to brick and motor shops to warehouse environments. With Payline, you can accept payments anywhere. 


Cloud-based iPad and iPhone point of sale platforms have revolutionized how we do business. Payline leads the way with competitive pricing, agile integration capabilities, and superior customer service. If you want a point of sale that is nimble and responsive to your business needs, Payline is the point of sale choice for you. Accept payments anywhere with Payline. 


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