Payments 101: How to Accept Credit Cards Without Causing Friction

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Want to operate a smooth-running business? You’re going to need to know how to accept credit cards without friction and complexities.

Your first step to frictionless payments is knowing how to accept credit cards at your business in a variety of methods. This includes debit cards, prepaid cards, as well as all major credit card brands. By excluding certain cards you could be excluding certain customers and therefore losing out on business opportunities. Different card types typically come with higher rates, so you may be doing yourself a disservice by not understanding how to accept credit cards used by customers who spend more. Premium cards mean higher tickets or transactions which adds up to more money for your business.

Making payments difficult for your customers could be detrimental to your business growth. Whether you need to know how to accept credit cards without friction online or offline, you want to make the process customer-friendly to avoid friction, or worse – attrition. With card-present purchases, you face the added complication of knowing how to accept credit cards without friction on an EMV-capable terminal, especially as consumers grow more comfortable with dipping their chip. You must consider the implications of the EMV fraud liability shift. Your business may be held liable for fraudulent transactions if you are not accepting EMV cards.

Mobile wallets are also making the way for frictionless payments and mobile payment acceptance. Mobile wallets (see: Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay) afford your customers the ability to use a customer’s phone as the means of payment. The mobile wallet is associated with a back-end payment account (credit or debit), but a card is never part of a physical transaction. Mobile wallets increase convenience and security for your customers, and most of these payment systems use near-field technology (NFC), allowing a customer’s phone to “talk” to a terminal at your retail business.

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The key to your business success is flexibility, which will pave the way for customer satisfaction. By accepting a variety of payment methods, you can eliminate the obstacles between you and your customers. Offer frictionless payment solutions at your business with the help of Payline.

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