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A dashboard that allows you to take payment in a variety of ways. View reports, key in transactions, store customer profiles, send invoices, and more all in one location. ... READ MORE

Invoicing & Recurring Billing

Electronically collect payment from your customers through invoices. Send an invoice and collect one-time or recurring payments. ... READ MORE

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FrequentlyAsked Questions

Is there a cancellation fee?

No. With Payline, there is no application fee, cancellation fee, or term length. Agreements are month by month and your first month is free.

What will my total cost be for taking credit/debit cards?

The payment calculator (above) just requires a few fields and will give you accurate monthly pricing. The number calculated at the bottom will be the total monthly cost including the card brand fees.

Do I have to pay for PCI Compliance?

No, we do not charge for PCI Compliance.

When are my funds available?

We deposit funds into your account the next day.

Which integrations do you offer?

We have direct integrations into most Shopping Carts and POS systems. We also integrate into all versions of QuickBooks.