12 Days of Payments: A Wireless Payment Solution

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On the third day of payments, my processor gave to me: a wireless payment solution.

Among the retail payment solutions available to growing businesses, the Poynt Smart Terminal, a wireless payment solution offered by Payline, allows businesses to improve the the ways in which they accept credit cards from their customers.

Poynt allows merchants to accept credit card payments from a variety of cardholders, providing a robust payment experience for customers and businesses alike. This wireless payment solution provides the following:

Versatility and Modern Features

Merchants can accept credit cards faster and easier with a single reader for both magstripe and EMV chip card payments. Poynt is also equipped with an NFC reader to accept payment from mobile wallets like Apple Pay. Furthermore, Poynt boasts serious security features, with fraud detection services, PCI compliance, and end-to-end encryption technology, putting your customers’ minds at ease when they do business with you.

Easy Integration

Having a wireless payment solution at your business might seem unattainable, but with easy integration options, Poynt makes wireless dreams a reality. Built-in, plug-and-play compatibility allows merchants to easily connect to existing devices in your network.

Wireless Capabilities

For business owners that require mobility, Poynt is the ideal wireless payment solution. So long as your business has a working WiFi or 3G connection, you can accept credit cards from just about anywhere. So, for restaurant businesses needing a pay-at-table option, Poynt allows you to process payments at the table and includes options to leave a customized tip and split the check between multiple customers in one transaction.

Back-end Management

With Poynt HQ, merchants can monitor sales, refund transactions, and gain business insights, allowing them to get a look at their best customers. This option comes with a phone app to merchants can truly accept credit cards from anywhere they’d like to do business.

Secure and convenient payments are paramount to your success, and with Poynt from Payline, it’s easy to see how a wireless payment solution can provide a seamless payments experience for you and your customers.

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