The use of cash has been declining for years and covid has done nothing but accelerate the decline. Most people prefer to use credit or debit cards to pay for purchases. But one piece of new technology is contactless payments. These are typically done through a contactless credit or debit card, although services like Apple Pay or Google Pay allow users to make payments directly from their mobile phones. Apple Pay is a digital wallet, and mobile payment service operated by Apple.  If you run a small business then accepting card and contactless payments is essential to ensure the survival of your business. This guide will look at the basics of mobile phone payments and how you can accept this form of payment at your business.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a digital wallet, and mobile payment service operated by Apple. The service was originally launched in 2014 and supports many different types of Apple devices. Payments can be made from modern iPhones, iPads, Mac, and Apple Watch. Payments with Apple Pay can be made in person with a contactless card terminal, or online through safari. Apple pay is only supported by Apple devices, it is not available on android or windows powered devices.

Apple Pay is becoming very popular since most people take their phones everywhere with them. Bank cards are digitized into the wallet stored on the device. Also, Apple pay is considered to be much more secure than a debit or credit card. Mobile phones can use two-factor authentication. Users have to unlock their phone using either Touch ID or Face ID. This added layer of security is making it a very attractive payment platform.

The apple pay wallet allows users to store up to 12 cards on their cellphone. It’s then possible for users to select the payment card they want to use using the touch screen on their phone and then holding the phone up against the reader. Payments made with apple pay will instantly come out of the connected bank account.

Apple Pay vs Google Pay.

There are a few different mobile payment services available. Apple and Google pay are the two biggest and most popular. Both of these have very similar features and work in a very similar way. The only difference is the devices that these payment services work on. Apple Pay will only work on Apple phones and other Apple devices. Google pay is aimed mainly at Android phones and watches, although it is also available on Apple and Windows computers.

Both of the services are however just as secure and user-friendly. Also, they can both be accepted on the same payment terminals side by side. So if you enable apple pay payments for your business, you will also be able to accept Google payments. It’s not clear which payment platform will win the battle, currently, both seem to be as popular as one another. However, apple choosing to restrict its use to their own devices will somewhat limit the rollout of apple pay.

Which devices accept Apple Pay?

If you want to accept apple pay and contactless payments, then you will need to find a payment service that accepts such a payment. The type of device you choose will depend on the number of sales you are planning to do, and also whether you need any additional features. Popular devices which can accept apple pay payments include:

Payline Data

Payline keeps costs low while giving you the ability to accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. They are known for great customer support as well. Find out what is Apple Pay and how it works.


Square offers a range of different devices and services which are suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. Square has the entry-level Square reader which can be used alongside a smartphone, or the more sophisticated Square Terminal which is a standalone device that doesn’t require a phone to be used. Square also does more sophisticated machines than Sumup, including a fully integrated cash register. It’s ideal for a startup retail business that doesn’t already have a register set up.


Stripe is another payments company that offers terminals for in-person apple and Google payments. These terminals are also very user-friendly and self intuitive. Stripe is aimed mainly at online businesses which also have a retail presence. The online payment pages can be customized by a web developer with ease.

Traditional Merchant Accounts

If you are a larger business with a merchant account already and in-store terminals, then you might want to talk to your current merchant account provider. If you are doing a high volume of sales then you might get a better rate doing this. If you’re just starting out though, Sumup or square will be by far the easier option.

How can I accept it?

If you choose any one of the services above and set it up according to the instructions online you will be on your way to accepting mobile payments as quickly as possible. Square is two of the easiest and quickest services to get started with. When you are comparing the payment platform you want to use to accept apple pay and Google pay, you shouldn’t only just look a the cost. Cost is ultimately very important, but you will also be concerned with payment speed, reliability, device type, and many other things

Letting Your Customers Know

After you’ve done all the hard work getting your business to accept apple pay, then it’s time to let your customers know. Apple pay is especially popular for small purchases. Display signage in your windows and by payment terminals to show that you can accept mobile phone payments.

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