What Does a Credit Card Number Consist Of?

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With the advent of the internet and advanced technological developments, SMB business owners and entrepreneurs are continuing to efficiently improve their businesses these days. One area that they have benefited tremendously from is the advent of business credit cards. Entrepreneurs should research and learn more about credit card numbers and how they work.

Since their introduction, credit cards have accounted for billions of dollars that consumers have spent. The good news is that many credit card issuers pay much attention to small businesses and investors.

Merchants need to learn how to use credit cards and take their ventures to another level. Credit cards help with short-term debts and have been a blessing to the business world. Using a small business credit card, it becomes easy to separate business expenses from your personal expenses.

Your credit card provides you with an opportunity to enjoy short-term spending flexibility. You will also get perks and rewards that are not available to consumers. If you are new to such offers and you want to make it in the business world, a credit card is an impeccable tool.

It is a simple physical payment card that makes it easy for users to borrow money to make purchases that have to be reimbursed. On the other hand, credit card issuers such as MasterCard, Visa, and Discover generate money by charging customers interest fees on their balances.


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Besides credit cards being a convenient financial product, they offer many benefits. They include:

  • An opportunity to build your credit reputation
  • Protect you against credit card breach or fraud even if you are a small business
  • Increasing buying power
  • Enjoy insurance and purchase protection
  • Provide qualifications to loans


Everything to Know About Credit Card Number

With a clear understanding of what a credit card is, there is a lot to know before you go on and get your own. One common question that pops up often in business forums is, what does a credit card number consist of? A credit card number is a series of numeric digits that identify a specific credit card.

These digits in most cards are displayed on the front side and feature 15 to 16 numeric digits. They also come with diverse features that you should study and get well-acquainted with. With the ever-growing technology and many issuers gracing the industry, credit card numbers keep evolving.

Credit card numbers are legitimate and fall under the identification card standards. These are standards set by recognized authorities like the International Electrotechnical Commission and the International Organization of standardization. Also known as primary account numbers (PANs), credit card numbers are made up of several components that you should be well-versed with always.

Here are several main components that make up a credit card number. Have a look:


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  1. Card Issuer Information

The first part of your card and follows the set standards of card identification is the issues information. This is the industry identifier or bank that issued you the card. It also indicates your card details like benefits and rewards.

The main identifiers of your card are the credit card network and the level of service linked to your card. They include:

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Discover


The issuer Identification Numbers (IINs) are the six to eight digits you find on your credit card. This is what is widely known as the Bank Identification Number (BIN). This number specifies which bank or financial institution issued the card you hold.

With changes gracing the banking and finance industry, all credit card issuers have to abide by ISO standards. They should move from a six-digit IIN to an eight-digit model. This was an incredible move implemented to prevent the shortage of Issuer Identification Numbers. So, in the coming years, expect several changes to be made to your credit card issuer identification number.


  1. Credit Card Holder Information

The remaining digits on your credit card, except the last ones, are unique in every credit card issued. They are select by the issuer of your credit card and are quite exclusive.


  1. Check Digit

The check digit is the last digit of a 16-digit credit card. This is the number that makes your card valid for use. Interestingly, the check digit is not selected by your card issuer. However, it is determined mathematically or automatically based on the Luhn algorithm/formula.

The Luhn formula is widely used when validating several identification numbers besides your credit card numbers. Other numbers include National Provider Identifier numbers in the USA, or Canadian social insurance numbers, IMEI numbers, to name but a few.

Several steps are followed to provide an easy and quick way to ensure the numbers entered from your credit card for payment follow a valid pattern. This will indicate your credit card is valid and eligible for daily use. The check digit helps detect data entry errors when using your credit card. It’s also used to detect and stop fraudsters trying to access your account.

With better and advancing technologies, you no longer have to receive your credit card information directly from a magnetic strip. You no longer have to expose your account number every time you use it. More secure technologies are gracing the industry.

The chip EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) technology is here. It’s more secure and safely stores your credit card information. It comes in the form of Chip-and-PIN or Chip-and-Signature. Even with this in mind, your credit card will not miss the expiration date.


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How to Test Fake Credit Card Numbers – What to Know

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs may think they are too small or irrelevant to be credit card scam victims. Payment security breaches are common, and you will need fake credit card numbers for your testing. Here is a list of fake or text credit card numbers for business testing purposes if you accept credit card payments. They include:

  1. American Express Test Card- 370000000000002
  2. Discover Test Card- 6011000000000012
  3. MasterCard Test Card- 5424000000000015
  4. Visa Test Card- 4007000000027, 4012888818888, and 4222222222222 for Visa Error Test.


To Sum Up

SMB business owners and entrepreneurs who allow payments using credit cards should always test the cards’ validity. They should use fake credit card numbers for testing and rest assured of fruitful business transactions. Significantly, don’t forget credit card numbers also contain imperative information for processing payments.

You can always use the security code or CVV (Card Verification Value), a three-digit number visible on the back of your credit card. It’s an effective way to stop data errors and prevent transaction fraud. With this in mind, you will, at all times, treasure owning credit cards and using them responsibly.


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