Verifone terminals are an excellent choice for payment processing hardware. This article will review Verifone’s terminals and payment processing service. And discuss an alternative that allows you to use Verifone terminals at a lower cost. 

Why Choose A Verifone Terminal?

Verifone Countertop Terminals are handy tools for allowing your business to process payments. Verifone offers a variety of countertop terminals, PIN pads, and multilane terminals. This variety will enable you to customize your terminals to meet your business’s specific needs. These terminals maximize security and productivity.

They also can help you build customer engagement and loyalty. Verifone terminals are incredibly user-friendly and allow you to be flexible. Overall, Verifone terminals are well made and used in various businesses. Verifone terminals also come in pocket sizes to enable you to read cards on the go easily.

There are a wide variety of Verifone terminals with unique features to each. Terminals are available with connection capability, including Bluetooth, Wifi, Ethernet 2G, 3G, and 4G. In addition, they offer terminals that have touchscreen and printing capability as well. Some models even have QR scanners, a camera, a microphone, and a speaker. 

The hardware can also integrate seamlessly into other features such as customer loyalty and inventory management. This allows the terminals to function not only as payment processors but help cut down on waste in your business and drive customer engagement. As a result, Verifone terminals can enhance your business’s profitability in various ways. 

Verifone’s Payment Processing

Thanks to Verifone terminals being so widespread, Verifone is very experienced at assisting with hardware issues. Verifone also has live customer service that you can call for help. Unfortunately, customer support, aside from hardware troubleshooting, is not the best. It can be slow and inconsistent.

Due to the fact it is such a large company, it can be pretty difficult for them to quickly help you add new features or terminals for your business. Verifone terminals that you buy directly from Verifone can be more expensive and typically come with long-term contracts. But Verifone has several terminal options, some being more affordable than others

Verifone does not use an independent sales team. Their prices are quite transparent, and their sales team is an integral part of the company that provides high-quality assistance. They also have several options when it comes to pricing. This allows you to choose the plan that is better for your business. Rates for processing are 2.7% and 1.95% per transaction. The lower of these two is an option if you are willing to pay $9.99 monthly to use Verifone’s services. 

In order to use the monthly plan, you will need to agree to a longer-term contract. These contracts can range from 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months. For some businesses, this may not be an issue. Still, this will not be ideal for others that may operate seasonally. Getting out of these contracts is also not cheap. Unfortunately, termination fees occur, and you will have to pay out the rest of your monthly payments to end the contract

Suppose you are interested in using Verifone terminals but not their payment processing services. Many payment processors utilize Verifone hardware. Other payment processors operate their software on Verifone, and they may be able to provide your business with merchant services at a lower cost. Therefore, comparing these different companies before making a purchase is essential. 

Advantages of Payline

Payline offers payment processing and operates on a wide variety of hardware, including Verifone countertop terminals. We also try to allow new customers to use their existing hardware whenever possible to minimize the costs you have to bear to switch over to Payline. There are many other benefits to Payline, along with the fact that our service works with Verifone terminals. 

Free Trial 

Here at Payline, we offer you a free trial to see if our service fits the needs of your business. We want you to be absolutely sure that we meet your needs before you buy. 

No Long-Term Contract

While other payment processors such as Verifone seek to get you to sign long-term contracts here at Payline, that is not required. Work with us when it works for you rather than signing a long-term contract you may not need. 

Affordable Pricing 

Payline like Verifone also offer very affordable and transparent pricing. Also, you can use our helpful cost calculator to estimate how much using Payline would cost your business. Our processing fees per transaction are lower than Verifone’s.

While they charge 2.7% and 1.95% per transaction Payline charges only 0.75% + $0.20 for online purchases and 0.40% + $0.10 for in-person transactions. Each transaction with us at Payline will cost you less than with Verifone

In-House Sales Team

Like Verifone, we do not hire an outside sales team. Our sales team has been with Payline from the beginning and works right alongside the rest of the company. If you have any questions, they can quickly answer or ask our developers and engineers that our sales team works right next to every day. 

Excellent Customer Service

At Payline, we offer 24/7 customer service by phone, unlike many other processors, including Verifone. We want to ensure that you have the support you need when you need it. Customer support should be there when it’s convenient for you, not us. 

No Termination Fees

Another thing that sets us apart from other payment processors like Verifone is that we do not charge any termination fees. So if you have needs that we cannot meet, you can change your processing provider and be charged no extra cost by us. We want our service to work for you. That is why we offer free trials, no contracts, and no termination fees. 

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