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Payline was recently heralded as an ultimate gateway provider and a key industry player by Yahoo Finance. Many who do not accept credit cards online are unfamiliar with the term “gateway”; but, even retail merchants can make their business more versatile by taking part of their business online.

A gateway is what drives your business’s ability to accept credit cards online. This payment processing method acts as the online method of your standard terminal and front-end processor for both online and mobile businesses.  Services are usually bundled together by payment processors so that merchants receive a wide range of tools to help them run their business.

BI Intelligence reported that businesses that accept credit cards online are expected to be worth $10.7 billion by year’s end and will grow to $17.5 billion in 2020. This can be largely attributed to a surge in online shopping in recent years. Also, a factor is the digital shift by both merchants and consumers, giving way for more gateway influence. BII also predicts that U.S. consumers will spend $385 billion through online and mobile channels this year alone; and, by the year 2020, e-commerce sales will reach over $630 billion, 45% of which will come from mobile.

Bottom line: gateways are important to the future success of your business and choosing an ultimate gateway provider can drive that success.

In choosing an ultimate gateway provider, look for a payment processor that is designed with your needs in mind. A quality processor will allow you to choose the services that are a best-fit for your business while remaining budget friendly. You can read more about our tips on choosing a payment processor and gateway provider in this previous post.

Put Your Business Online

So, what are you waiting for? With Cyber Monday around the corner and the online holiday shopping season about to get underway, you can accept credit cards online with Payline with a few simple, guided steps. Let us help you enhance your business experience.

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