12 Days of Payments: Secure Mobile Acceptance

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On the fourth day of payments, my processor gave to me: secure mobile acceptance.

Mobile technology is considered one of the most secure ways to make or take a payment, and secure mobile acceptance solutions allow your business to maintain a payment environment that builds consumer trust.

It’s no secret that any card payment method carries some level of risk, but mobile payments are among the most secure ways to pay. As a matter of fact, some of the most advanced security methods, like biometrics and tokenization, are available through mobile payment technology. Here are some of the benefits of having secure mobile acceptance available to your consumers:

Easy Integration

With secure mobile acceptance solutions, it’s easy for businesses to integrate payments into an existing mobile app or current mobile device with an easy-to-use swipe reader. The Ingenico G5X device from Payline combines the industry’s most advanced security features with the latest in secure mobile acceptance technology, providing merchants with a seamless mobile POS experience. The dual-track magstripe reader enables retrieval of multiple data types from one swipe. The reader is also the first and only Visa-ready magstripe mobile card reader that is compatible with hundreds of iOS and Android™ mobile devices.

Increased Consumer Trust & Loyalty

Your customers are already dialed-in to their smartphones and mobile devices, and with mobile payment solutions through secure mobile acceptance, you have the ability to offer a dynamic brand experience through exclusive offers, mobile receipts, and promotional in-store alerts. With these mobile solutions, customers are given the opportunity to build a stronger connection to your business and your brand and are in turn more likely to become repeat customers. Not only that but secure mobile acceptance builds trust within your brand — a business that accepts mobile payments securely has reduced incidents of fraud and will, therefore, be considered trustworthy and safe.

Fraud Prevention Tools

Payments in the palm of your hand might not seem like the most secure payment method, but with a variety of fraud prevention tools literally available at your fingertips, mobile payments have been proven as secure with the following data security and fraud prevention tools available through our mobile payment solutions:

  • PCI Compliance
  • Tokenization
  • Address Verification System (AVS) Check
  • Biometrics and Password Protection
  • Secure Internet Connection

With secure mobile acceptance from Payline, your business becomes instantly accessible to consumers. With the right technology in place, this secure way to make and take payments provides your business with a world of possibilities that will only continue advancing as secure mobile acceptance continues to grow within the payments ecosystem.

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