12 Days of Payments: Retail Payment Solutions

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On the first day of payments, my processor gave to me: retail payment solutions.

Businesses come in many shapes and sizes. From the merchants that require a familiar way to pay to the complexities that come with a growing business, Payline provides an array of retail payment solutions to best serve your business type.

Equipping your business with the ability to accept credit and debit cards is easier than you may otherwise believe. Your first step is to determine what retail payment solutions will work best for you and your customers.  Payline’s customizable retail payment solutions include:

Familiar, easy-to-use countertop terminals

If your retail business requires a new countertop solution, but you hesitate to overhaul your entire POS system, Payline offers several equipment options to help you accept credit cards in a convenient and familiar way. Devices from Ingenico provide merchants with the flexibility to meet the growing needs of customers — all while allowing merchants to retain business identity and convenience during transactions. While these retail payment solutions feel familiar, merchants are given the ability to accept electronic payments with or without a point-of-sale system.

Point-of-sale systems that grow as the business grows

Merchants looking for a point-of-sale system that grows alongside a growing business may be interested in Poynt, a wireless payment solution that allows merchants to accept credit cards from anywhere, provided a WiFi or 3G connection is available. This customizable solution also allows merchants to review inventory, monitor and refund transactions, and connect to existing hardware. Poynt is a great solution for restaurant owners to accept credit cards in a pay-at-table fashion.

Mobile readers for on-the-go businesses

For businesses that are always moving, a mobile reader may be the best solution for accepting credit cards from any location. Payline offers the Ingenico RP457c as a Payline Mobile™ solution, which is the first and only PCI PTS 4.0 and SRED-certified mobile reader that is able to accept EMV, magstripe, and NFC payments from customers. As one of the most robust retail payment solutions, this device allows merchants to accept credit cards from different customers in different locations, all under the umbrella of efficiency, security, and simplicity.

Retail payment solutions from Payline are diverse, customizable, and designed to fit the needs of a multitude of business types. No matter how great your processing needs, Payline has the retail payment solutions you need now and the solutions you will need as you continue to grow.

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