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For our Positive Impact April 2017, Payline sought to have a positive impact through April’s cause of Environmental Awareness by volunteering with the Garfield Park Conservatory to help plant and renovate their garden spaces. We also collected new garden tools to donate to the Conservatory for continued beautification.

The Garfield Park Conservatory is one of the largest and most stunning conservatories in the nation and boasts six multi-faceted greenhouses, two grand exhibition halls, and 12 acres of outdoor gardens during the warmer months. Their mission is to change lives through the power of nature by inspiring, educating, and provoking exploration through innovative programs and hands-on experience.

The Payline Team in Action

positive impact

The Payline crew poses for a photo after their hard work at the Conservatory.

positive impact

The beautification and upkeep of the gardens throughout the Conservatory are dependent on the hard work of volunteers.

Positive Impact April 2017 Results at a Glance

positive impact

Looking Ahead to Next Month’s Positive Impact

Payline will be focused on this month’s cause of Mental Health Awareness by volunteering with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The Payline team will set out to inform the community about mental health issues and knowing where to turn for help. One of the tenets of the AFSP is to create a culture that’s smart about mental health. Together, we will aim to find better ways to reach those who suffer, and encourage our workplaces and communities to make mental health a priority.

For more information on how to work with Payline, or about how you can be a part of creating a positive impact, please download our Payline Giving FAQ.

Work With Payline

Information for this piece came from the Garfield Park Conservatory page. If you are interested in volunteering (or visiting!), please visit the Garfield Park Conservatory volunteers page.

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