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Want to know the secret to a killer payments experience?

Payline launched a brand new webinar content series in conjunction with our latest product release for Payline I/O to share the secret of a killer payments experience.

The success of this webinar has prompted us to create a recurring series focused on topics such as in-app payments, best-in-class customer service, trends in software development for the payments industry, and enterprise solutions for your business — just to name a few.

Want a taste of what we have to offer? Learn about the hidden secret to increased user adoption and faster revenue growth for your business with an exclusive podcast version of our webinar presentation, Creating a Killer Payment Experience: The Secret to Increased User Adoption and Faster Revenue Growth for Your Software Business. 

If you want to generate a revenue stream from processing payments, increase your user adoption, and accelerate your time-to-revenue, then this podcast is a MUST for your growing business.

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Our Exclusive Podcast Available Just for You!


This podcast features Payline’s very own Steve Blentlinger, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder and Carlton van Putten, Vice President of Revenue. Listen as they reveal the secrets you need for your growing software business, such as:

  • the evolution of payments,
  • the benefits of payment facilitation,
  • control over your user experience,

… and so much more!

Here’s a preview from Blentlinger:

“It’s important for business owners to understand what payment facilitation actually is. There are many great examples out there. Really, what payment facilitation is — at the core — is complete control over your user experience. When you look at the definition of it, payment facilitation allows merchants to accept credit card payments and bank transfers without having to set up a merchant account with the bank card association. This is also known as a payment aggregator.”

If you’ve been looking for a payment experience that’s a game-changer for your business, look no further than our integrated payments solution, Payline I/O, which can be customized to fit your business’s most critical needs.

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