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The countertop PAX S80 terminal is a cutting-edge device that combines innovation, dependability, and excellent performance to provide quicker and more secure transactions. It provides the store and other shops with a straightforward technology that enables you to take payments even when the internet connection is unavailable for authorization.

The product offers effective communication and connectivity with a clear display and easy-to-use keypad, its size makes it portable and convenient to carry around, and its memory enables it to store a large quantity of data. Additionally, the product has been certified in levels 1 and 2 and is approved for safe transactions. Also, the terminal supports DES, 3 DES, and DUKPT, among other global security algorithms.

Features of PAX S80 Terminal

The product is equipped with various features that make it simple and convenient for businesses to track and examine their sales. The following are the features that work together to make it dependable:

Keypad, Display, and the Surface

The product has a display screen of about 128* 64 pixels, which makes it simple to read and use in virtually any lighting situation. The product has 10 alphanumeric and 8 functional keys that are clearly labeled, thus making it simple to use. The device has a grey plastic surface that gives it an exquisite appearance and feels firm to the touch and appealing to the eye. The benefit of the smooth surface is that it is simple to disinfect and stops spreading bacteria and viruses.

Communication and Connectivity

The product provides wired and wireless connectivity options. Businesses can employ a classic dial-up connection through a phone line and high-speed options over Ethernet cables or a 3G wireless network. Its flexibility in terms of use allows it to accept diners club, the American Express, and EBT cards. Additionally, its transactions are legitimate since it has gone to different levels of certification. Using an optional contactless reader, merchants can take contactless payments such as Visapay and Mastercard payments.


The quick built-in thermal printer can print the customer and other individual receipts at about 25 lines per second. The printer also uses a standard 58 mm receipt paper roll where the end of the paper roll is turned toward the rubber roller that grips it when printing. Changing the roll is relatively quick and straightforward, and the attractive atm style user interface is made for simple and convenient use.

At the point of sale, the handy-built printer enables quick receipt printing. Also, it allows businesses to process refunds, voids, returns, and tips in addition to payment transactions. Remember to clean the paper roll section more often, for a dirty or contaminated printer may lead to errors and malfunctioning the terminal.

Memory and Size

The device’s small size makes it virtually in any professional setting easy. The terminal weighs about 525 g and measures 8.5″ L x 3.74″ W x 2.76″ H. The size plays a crucial role in the device’s portability since it will enable merchants and other individuals to move around it the businesses and serve clients efficiently. Regarding its memory and storage, the device has 64MB of SDRAM and 128 MB of flash memory, which provides a suitable place to store data. These devices don’t require ample storage space since most data is printed and not stored within the device.

Security Features and Codes

The device is also equipped with security features and algorithms such as DES, 3DES, and DUKPT, ensuring the device makes secured transactions. Additionally, with address verification, the retailers may ensure that the address provided, the address stored on the file, and the customer’s credit card match to avoid errors during the transaction process. The se of codes such as the CW and CID enables you to confirm that the user is the owner of the card they are using. On the back of the cards is a 3-digit CW code, but other cards, such as the American Express cards, have a 4-digit code called the CID on the front part of the credit card.

Connecting the PAX S80 Terminal

Inside the devices package, it comes with a power supply, telephone cord, and thermal paper roll. The first thing that you should do is to connect the phone line or Ethernet cable and the power cord. The device requires a network connection to run transactions and communication with the processor. Then, connect the Ethernet wire to the LAN port or a phone cord to the line port on the back of the device. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into an open port on the router or a modem and if you are using a phone cable, connect the other end to a wall jack. It is advisable not to share the cable with another device because it may damage the device’s battery.

Then, you will need to place the roll of paper in the paper drawer. To open the printer lid, click and press the green release button, which is located on the right side of the paper drawer. Then, insert the paper roll into the tray, so the leading edge feeds from the bottom. After correctly placing the paper roll, close the cover above the paper with a bit of stick.

To switch on the terminal, press and hold the power button for a short period until the screen lights up. The device is now ready to start transacting when it displays “input amount.” when you are new to using the device or are unsure of this model, there is a demo provided in the device. To access the demo mode, go to the function button and select the settings, enter a suitable password you want to use later on, and the go to the operation potions.

Set it into demo mode and then switch it on from the idle screen of the payment application. Demo mode is printed in the header of the transaction receipt and is located on the right part of the screen when enabled. Once you have mastered the process, use the same procedures the switch off the demo mode. Remember, to activate or deactivate the demo mode; you should shut or close the batch.


The combination of the different features of the S80 terminal makes the device dependable and flexible for use in different business departments. It provides an accurate transaction since the device has been certified in the different levels and standards by the standards council. The device has a good memory capacity, enabling it to store a lot of data while also upholding company security. Additionally, the terminal has included the use of intergraded EMV, mag series, and contactless technologies that ensures the user is updated and prepared for all kinds of transactions.

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