12 Days of Payments: Versatile Mobile Reader

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On the eleventh day of payments, my processor gave to me: a versatile mobile reader.

Customers prefer to have options when they’re doing business with you. An array of offerings, a variety of locations, and even a range in ways to make a payment are just some of the choices that a customer is looking to be provided by a merchant. One way to provide options for a brick-and-mortar retail location is to accept credit card payments via a mobile reader, a versatile device that adds convenience and security.

Accept Credit Cards Anywhere With a Mobile Reader

Businesses and consumers are becoming increasingly more mobile when it comes to making purchases. Merchants are learning that payments shouldn’t be constrained by a physical location, and many processors offer solutions that fit the needs of today’s evolving ecosystem. Not only does the option itself provide convenience, but mobile solutions also make way for inventory management and product tracking.

A mobile reader solution is one of the most versatile options available to accept payment at brick-and-mortar businesses. Due to the many ways that customers are able to make a payment, businesses should equip themselves with a mobile reader that has:

  • An EMV chip card reader
  • Magnetic Strip Swipe capability
  • NFC/contactless payment options
  • Built-in security and compliance features

This device will plug directly into the headphone jack of your mobile device (tablet or smartphone) and can accept payment from chip cards, magstripe cards, and mobile wallets. Furthermore, this type of device fits conveniently in the palm of a merchant’s hand so payments can be accepted from virtually anywhere — even offsite of your retail location. Payment information is stored securely no matter where you use your mobile reader.

When it comes to accepting payments, your goal as a merchant should be to make your business as flexible as possible to provide choices to your customers. Payline offers mobile POS technology through the Ingenico RP457c, the first and only mobile reader equipped with the ability to accept both EMV and magstripe card payments, as well as NFC/contactless payments from the same device.

Furthermore, mobile payments (and as a result, mobile reader technology) are projected to be a big part of the future of payment processing, and many businesses have already felt the benefits of this impact. With a processor like Payline, mobile payment solutions can impact both your customer experience and your bottom line.

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