Marketing Skills Your Team Needs in 2017

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When it comes to marketing for your business, brand and product communication are key to your success in 2017. Without marketing initiatives, how will you attract new and retain current customers? The Payline marketing team recognizes the need for robust communication strategies and would like to share these marketing skills that will important in the year ahead for marketers everywhere.


1. Web Design

Your website serves as your digital storefront, especially if your business operates solely in the eCommerce space. Make sure that your website represents your business in the best light. Are your products and services displayed in an appealing manner?  Furthermore, does your website offer an efficient experience for your customers? Marketing teams should have at least a basic knowledge of HTML and PHP or have a trusted organization to guide them through their website. Troubles on your site could mean troubles for your business’s ability to take a payment.


2. Content Creation

Content will continue to be king in 2017 and will need to be amplified in such a way that not only attracts new customers, but also engage and build upon existing customer relationships. Writing for SEO will help your business build authority and target the right kinds of customers. If you are not sure how to write for SEO, site like Lynda and Udemy offer inexpensive crash courses to help guide you in new skills. Several of us at Payline have learned from the Google Analytics Academy to help us with our SEO understanding.


3. Data Analytics

Now more than ever, marketers need to understand the relationship between data and digital marketing efforts. Several of us at Payline have learned from the Google Analytics Academy to help us understand the importance of analytics. Marketing should go beyond creativity and also focus on how their creative efforts affect their organization as a whole.


4. Social Media Savviness 

If you’re not using social media at your business, why not? Payline remains competitive and visible by employing social media skills and relying on social media to be an outlet of sharing our story. Content can be shared on social media to increase brand visibility and reception. In fact, many brands are using social media to aid in their customer service capabilities while also sharing their business story.

Experience Payments Differently

Make the commitment to practice good great communication and marketing skills among your team and to your customers this year and work with a payment processor like Payline who is dedicated to your business’s success.

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