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Who is NMI?

Since 2000, NMI (Network Merchant Inc.) has led the digital payment industry by certifying the world’s first EMV Kennel for self-service payment devices (2003), launching the world’s first EMV chip card solution for mobile devices (2010), adding support for Apple Pay and Google Pay (2016), and passing 1.2 billion in transaction volume (2019). NMI has a global presence to serve 1,400+ technology partners and 140,000 merchants and is backed by Francisco Partners and Great Hill Partners, both of whom specialize in payments and FinTech. 

The digital economy is faced with an array of disparate options in the payment arena. Existing payment options are fraught with fragmentation and complexity which blocks resources and limits the ability to compete in a constantly evolving landscape. Rapidly changing payment standards and expanding customer needs present growth challenges that can place a company at risk of falling behind industry standards. 


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Login to an existing account here: https://www.nmi.com/logins


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Sign up for an NMI account by contacting Payline. We can link your current merchant account with us or swap your current gateway Gateway to use NMI!


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NMI’s Key Features

To start, the software developers at NMI are experts in industry technology and aim to continually enhance and build out the platform. Create an account or login to NMI to see several current features lead the cutting-edge developments that place NMI at the forefront of the digital economy landscape:

  • Tokenization: cardholder data can be reused from previous transactions without needing to store it. The token can be used for future transactions without the cardholder data being re-entered. 
  • Security and fraud protection: substantial investments in NMI teams, infrastructure, and security platforms to ensure all transactions are protected.
  • EMV experts since 2003: an EMVCo Business and Technical Associate and PCI SSC Participating organization
  • Point to point encryption: P2PE protects sensitive cardholder data in combination with EMV and tokenization.
  • Remote Key Injection: removes the manual process by completing the payment terminal key injection at the point of sale
  • Terminal Management System: remote management of estate payment devices and firmware updates.
  • Merchant features: recurring billing, multiple MID management, and fraud detection


Additionally, NMI features multiple integrations to support a robust, scalable solution. From shopping cart integrations to usability in sandbox environments, these benefits are embedded in the foundation of the solution:

  • Shopping Cart Integrations: virtual terminals that accept most major credit cards. 
  • API and SDK: in-store, mobile, and online self-service.
  • Key for ISV and/or software developers implementing payments.
  • Useful in Sandbox Environments; registration will be available through the documentation portal.
  • Virtual Terminal, Tokenization, Invoicing, Account Updater


Next, as industry leaders with the mission to enable more payments in a variety of places with security and reliability, new developments and value adds will be rolled out in 2021:

  • Track the list of POS systems that have been integrated with NMI
  • Add support in Collect.js and Collect Checkout
  • Release an integration with Kount chargeback protection
  • Add cash discounting support to iProcess, our out-of-the-box mPOS solution
  • Enable iProcess mPOS app for Tap on Mobile (the ability to use an NFC-enabled phone as a payment device)
  • Enroll in Apple Pay’s mass enablement program for easy onboarding of merchants without having to go through Apple to register


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Onboarding is an easy and seamless process. Without underwriting and wait times, the unified commerce enablement platform delivers a seamless onboarding process that can be implemented and working in minutes. As a modular platform, businesses can deliver the features and ISV payments services that suit their specific and unique business needs. NMI payment gateway partners set the price and terms which removes the risk of competition over merchants. NMI’s Unified Commerce Strategy removes lock in by providing the freedom to choose devices, processor connections, and shopping carts.

NMI’s Unified Commerce Strategy provides a gateway solution to accept payments across multiple platforms spanning e-commerce, retail, mobile, and unattended self-service units. The NMI platform combines EMV device certifications, processor connections, and a single token repository to enable processing of payments from any location including in-store, mobile, online, and self-service transactions, to present a singular view to customers. 

Lastly, payment and customer data is collected into the repository making it a source of valuable insights for both reporting and cross-channel customer recognition. NMI’s Unified Commerce Strategy drives a focus on the customer experience, an emphasis on the value of data insights, and an evolving adaptation to new devices and POS systems. 



In closing, NMI systems were designed with ultimate uptime to avoid a single point of failure. Data centers are distributed in the US and Europe to support continuous service and unparalleled survivability from local and international events thus ensuring transactions and revenue are not lost.  

Payline has a direct partnership with NMI. Payline provides software for invoicing, recurring billing, ACH payments, and easily plugs into a variety of POS systems.


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