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Unless there’s an endless supply of funding pumping cash into your operations, you’re going to need to watch every penny that comes in or goes out the door. When it comes to running a small business, a few big decisions need to be made. What’s the big idea? If it’s a product, how do you make it, and how do you deliver it to your buyer. Do you have a business partner, or do you need to hire and manage employees? Should you rent a storefront, or will you be selling exclusively online? On that list is legal services for small businesses. 

We know you’re an entrepreneur and a part of you wants to handle these complicated decisions on your own. There are online document services and many YouTube tutorials, but do you really want to risk a wrong move before you even get started? Here is a list of legal services you should definitely discuss with a lawyer.

Questions to consider

What’s your business structure? Are you a sole proprietorship, do you have one or more partners, and do you have a plan for safeguarding your personal assets if you get sued? To limit your liability, you can form a business entity such as a corporation, nonprofit, limited partnership, or limited liability company. Each choice has different tax implications and reporting requirements, so you must choose the one that’s right for you. 

What’s your company name? You probably already have a name, something catchy and memorable. So how do you protect it and make sure that someone else doesn’t have it trademarked already? 

How do I know if I have the correct licenses and permits? Do you need a business license, zoning permit, a health certificate, or a special operator’s license? How do you know if you’re up to date?

How do I create contracts? Chances are that you’ll be doing business with outside vendors, contractors, and part-time or full-time employees? How do you protect your secrets, like recipes, artwork, and proprietary services? You can find some boiler-plate documents like NDAs and non-compete clauses online, but are they iron-clad?

How do I handle intellectual properties? You have a great idea for a product, so how do you protect it from your competitors? Should you copyright a product name or a great advertising catchphrase? What’s the difference between a copyright and a trademark? Need a patent? A lawyer can help you search a database of patents, and if there are no duplicates, they can file a patent application on your behalf. There are great attorney websites that can help you discover all the legal regulations and policies from professionals.” 

How do I minimize risks as an employer? As an employer, it’s up to you to figure out how federal, state, and local laws apply to your small business. By not following these laws, you risk fines, penalties, and litigation. You need to know the laws relating to wages, hours, employee safety, and hiring and termination procedures.

Having legal services and hiring a lawyer early in your process can help you avoid some of the common pitfalls of small business ownership.

Is it Safe to Use Online Legal Documents?

There are many helpful businesses online that offer legal documents for just about everything, from divorces to leases, employment agreements, NDAs, articles of incorporation, and even wills. The question is, will these do-it-yourself documents hold up in court? Well, the answer is yes, sometimes. And you’re the one that needs to determine if ‘sometimes’ is enough to protect your original ideas, your livelihood, and your brand reputation? 

It’s always best to protect yourself the best way you can. By discussing your needs with a trusted attorney, you can rest assured they will ask you the right questions to provide them with the nuanced answers they need to prepare your documents. Saving money is great, but you don’t want to be sitting in a courtroom or at a mediation table when you find out you weren’t as prepared and protected as you could have been. 



There are thousands of lawyers out there, and most of them have a specialty. (Business law, tax law, labor law, intellectual property law, just to name a few.) Chances are that you’ve already seen a commercial today for a personal injury lawyer. They’re everywhere. So how do you choose a lawyer that is competent, accessible, and understands your business and its unique needs?

With a directory of more than two million listings, has created a comprehensive network of attorneys with hundreds of different specialties. Launched in 2009, matches thousands of clients with competent, available lawyers each week. is committed to delivering the best platform available to make finding qualified lawyers easy.

“Since​founding​, we have adopted the latest ​Internet technology to deliver the best possible​ ​experience for consumers​ looking to quickly and efficiently find and hire ​qualified local​ lawyers.”  –Gerald Gorman, CEO Features helps both individuals and small businesses find local representation whenever possible. With easy-to-follow prompts, you’ll be able to search by location, by practice specialty, and by individual. Briefly explain the details of your case, and available lawyers will contact you to get the additional information and discuss availability. 

You can also call 800-620-0900 to speak directly to a friendly representative who will ask a series of detailed questions to assist you with selecting the right lawyer. Since is a referral service, they have access to thousands of lawyers who have the knowledge and specific experience to assist you with your case. 

Still, have questions, but don’t want to talk to anybody just yet? There’s a handy chat feature available to help you.

 Once your inquiry is entered into the database, you may receive multiple responses from interested lawyers in your area. You can then interview each one to find the perfect match. You want someone who has the experience, is upfront about their fees, follows up as promised, and will have the patience to help you understand the process you need help with.

Click here to get started. Costs

On average, lawyers charge somewhere between $150 and $1000 an hour, and many law firms charge you in increments of six minutes or one-tenth of an hour! That adds up quickly. Legal services for small businesses will be something you may want to set aside some money for. Unless you own a business that rakes in millions, then you probably can’t afford to keep a lawyer or legal team on retainer. offers affordable monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription plans to assist you and your family with some of your less complicated legal needs.

This plan is for a single member and is good for one free consultation per legal issue.

This plan is also for a single member and is good for one free consultation per legal issue. The Quarterly plan includes a free Last Will & Testament.

This plan is also for a single member and is good for one free consultation per legal issue. The Quarterly plan includes a free Last Will & Testament.

All of the above plans offer unlimited FREE consultations in the office or by telephone. If you retain a participating lawyer after the initial free consultation, you will receive a 25% discount on the attorney’s standard hourly rate or fixed fee rate. 

With, there are no hidden cancellation fees.


How to Get Started

Legal services for small businesses will be a must at some point. Your small business can rely on lawyers from to provide legal expertise on several different issues, such as:

  •   Ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local laws.
  •   Reducing your exposure to financial risk.
  •   Creating contracts for interactions with clients, vendors, and employees.
  •   Keeping up with tax laws.

And remember, is not just for small business help; they can also assist you with personal injury cases, divorce and family issues, and criminal defense. 


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