How Your Business Can Give Back and Be Successful

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Businesses that generously contribute to the community have been known to have greater all-around success than those businesses that do not incorporate giving into their business model. At Payline, in everything we do, we believe in making a positive impact by sharing our time, talents, and resources with those who need it most. Creating a model of giving and knowing how your business can give back and be successful is one way for your business to lead by example for your employees and within your industry.

As Keith Ferrazzi states in his best-selling book, Never Eat Alone “I’ll sum up the key to success in one word: generosity.” At Payline, employees offer up their time to support a number of important causes while building their teamwork skills. Here are three things to do if you want to know how your business can give back and be successful.

1. Develop Content to Build a Relationship: Establishing credibility with your customers is extremely valuable for your business, and the best way to build authority is through consistent, educational content creation. Educating consumers on your industry is important because it may keep consumers coming back to you (and not other businesses) to learn more. Publishing informative content for your customers’ benefit on a regular basis can also help build a trusting business relationship.

2. Loyalty Rewards: Customer loyalty is essential to your business’s success; how does your business keep your customers returning to meet their business needs (aside from creating valuable content)? Showing gratitude toward your best customers with discounts or free perks will generate a response of continued support of your business. Customers who feel appreciated will likely continue to use your products and services and will also spread the word of your business’s generosity, leading the way for impressive, organically-generated reviews.

3. Contribute a Portion of Your Business’s Time and Resources to an Important Cause: Showing compassion toward an important cause in your business’s community will give your employees a feeling that they have had a direct impact on the welfare of others. At Payline, employees understand the influence that a positive impact can leave on others. Our Payline Giving program is about our peoplethe employees, customers, and the communities in which we live and serve – who drive our mission and are ultimately the fuel behind what we aim to accomplish with our business. Giving back sets an example and may motivate your customers to be philanthropic while making a purchase that bears a greater purpose.

Providing resources and rewards for your customers and giving back to a good cause is an impactful way to motivate others to do the same with their business. Work with Payline, a payment processor that knows how your business can give back and be successful, with a mission of creating a positive impact on their employees, their customers and their community.

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This post was written by Charne Graham, content specialist at Payline

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