How to Change Payment Processors on WooCommerce

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It only takes a matter of minutes to change payment processors on WooCommerce. You’ll want to do this during one of your slowest shopping periods in order to minimize any disruption in sales. Before making the change, make sure that the new payment processor you’ve selected can accept and process the variety of payment types that your business requires. Whether it be ACH transactions, or accepting a wider range of credit cards. When switching to Payline, our gateway can integrate with WooCommerce on the backend so that the customer’s overall shopping experience isn’t affected.


Steps to Change Payment Processors on WooCommerce

  • First Login to your Word-Press backend panel
  • Next, click ‘WooCommerce’ then choose ‘Settings’ from the side bar
  • Click on ‘Payments’ which should open several sub-tabs
  • You can choose your default payment gateway with the first sub-tab from the dropdown list by clicking on your desired payment processor

Now that you’ve made the switch, it makes sense to spend a few minutes running test transactions with a few different payment types. This makes sure that your payments are processing accurately, and the customer’s shopping experience hasn’t been effected. If you’ve made the change to Payline, we offer outstanding technical support to make your gateway transition pain-free.


Do I need a Gateway to change processors on WooCommerce?

Yes. Having a gateway ensures the security of your customer’s account information and facilitates a seamless shopping experience from product selection through checkout. Payline offers a wide variety of trouble-free online shopping cart integrations. Additionally, we offer ‘developer friendly API’s’ to allow the merchant more flexibility and control in specific customizations.


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Why Would You Change Payment Processors on WooCommerce?

As the owner of an e-commerce business on WooCommerce, you may find yourself in a situation where your product base has expanded. Or, you need to broaden your payment options to serve new clients in new markets.

Has customer feedback indicated some frustration with payment limitations on your site? Maybe a successful marketing plan has doubled or tripled your product sales, and you need a payment processor that offers better pricing and can better handle the increase in transaction volume.

Switching payment gateway processors may be necessary to accommodate the evolving payment needs of your WooCommerce site.  Payment companies that can manage a wider variety of payment options or have a solid reputation for supporting merchants in your specific business sector may be a better choice than your current processing provider. Of course, the first question is, “can I change payment processors on WooCommerce?” The answer is absolutely. Many merchants want the flexibility to switch between payment processors on WooCommerce to stay competitive and add value to their bottom line. Making the switch is easier than you think.


Factors to Remember

There are important factors in the decision to change to a third-party payment provider. These include financial benefits like reduced transaction fees, and also the ease of transition for your e-commerce site. Payline’s Interchange-plus pricing model is one of the most competitive in the industry. Payline adds just .2% for in-person swipe transactions, and .4% without the card present.

Maybe your business falls within the high-risk sector and you’d prefer to work with a third-party payment provider that facilitates banking relationships with high-risk businesses? Banks and financial institutions can be reluctant to work with entrepreneurs who are engaged in selling high-risk products. This includes firearms, alcohol, adult content, or products offered in the newly emerging cannabis and vape industry. Traditional payment processors may consider these industries illegitimate or prone to default because of the nature of state and federal regulations. Additionally, because of the perceived rate of failure in industries without a solid financial track record.

Payline has developed a strong reputation for helping high risk merchants secure by leveraging their relationships with a broad range of financial institutions. If you find yourself having a hard time obtaining a merchant account we can help.


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Businesses that are considered High-Risk

Some businesses that banks consider high-risk may be fairly obvious like those mentioned above, but others might surprise you. Below is just a partial list of other businesses that have typically fallen into the high-risk category.

  • Adult Products and Videos
  • E-Cigarettes and Vape Products
  • Auto Parts and Accessories
  • Extended Warranties
  • Precious Metals and Coins
  • Credit Repair
  • Weight-loss and Diet Products
  • Vacation and Travel

When you partner with Payline for a high-risk merchant account for your WooCommerce business we simplify the application process for you. As a result, you benefit from our diverse portfolio of banking partnerships.


In Conclusion

Payline has assisted thousands of businesses that use WooCommerce as their e-commerce platform. Click below to find your solution that Payline has to offer. We can have you approved and switched today!

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