A Donate Now button on your home page or other pages offers your non-profit several advantages. Many people who want to give to support your efforts will actively search for these buttons on your website. This article will discuss the benefits of using a Donate Now button to support charitable work.

What is a Donate Now button?

A Donate Now button is a simple button that urges visitors to your website to take a particular action. People who want to give to the cause that you support can simply click the button, to be taken to a page where they can give any sum of money that they wish. For example, if they want to support a literacy center in your community, they can give via that button and all funds will be sent to the account that’s been designated for that purpose.

You will find that a Donate Now button is usually used on the website of non profits across the world. These buttons can also be used by any registered charitable organization that supports philanthropy. For example, if your organization actively supports the work of Habitats for Humanity, they may also encourage other people to give directly to that organization, by including a Donate Now button on their website. This would be appropriately tagged or have a description above or under it, which gives information about the work that the charitable organization does in providing houses.

To use this option on your website, your group must be registered as a 501c3 organization, existing for one or more exclusively charitable purposes. You can sign up with a company like Payline Data, which gives you access to a payment gateway and a Hosted Payments Page. When visitors click on your donation button, they will be taken to the Hosted Payments page and can choose the method of making a donation that is ideal for them.

Some of the people who want to donate may only be able to do that via a digital wallet. Others may want to use a credit card or a debit card or another method, such as an echeck. When you have a Hosted Payments Page, you can accept all of these different methods of making donations. You won’t have to turn anyone who wants t give away, simply because you don’t accept their preferred method of giving.

Benefits of A Donate Now Button

A Donate Now button makes it easy for other people to play their part in making the world a better place. Even if someone only has $2 to give, they can do so without a hassle via this avenue. These buttons offer the following benefits:

  1. Provide another way for your non profit to generate revenue
  2. Set the amount or have the donor type in their chosen amount
  3. Convenient for donors
  4. Use it in email marketing campaigns
  5. Use it on multiple pages of your website
  6. Use in blogs or at the front of your site

Provide Another Avenue for Revenue Generation

Many on profits have established methods of generating funds to support their work. For example, a community literacy centre may have a barbeque every quarter, that they use to raise money to buy books for their reading center. While this can be effective, many non profits find that they still experience a shortfall during the year. A Donate Now button helps them to receive funds via email marketing campaigns, even when their major fundraising event is not in progress. This can help your non profit to keep the lights on.

Set the Amount or Have Donors Type Their Amount

With donation buttons, you can set the suggested amount that donors can give, such as $5, $10 or $50. You can also allow donors to just type in the amount that they want to give and both methods have advantages. Some people are unsure of how much they should give. They may not know if $10 is too much or too little.

By giving options, you give donors an idea of the donations that would be welcome. By allowing them to type in the amount they want to give, you allow for more flexibility. For example, if they want to give $12, they aren’t limited to $10.

Easy for Donors

Donors like to give but they don’t like to waste time. Having a donation button prominently displayed on your website makes it easy for them to identify a mechanism for giving.even if they did not visit your website with the intention of giving, if you have a donation button that is brightly colored and easy to detect, they will probably click on it.

A donation button doesn’t require anyone to complete any forms. No registration has to be done and the entire process of giving can take less than two minutes. People have become accustomed to seeing and using donation buttons across multiple sites, so it simplifies the process of giving. They will not need to ask any questions or search for any information.

A donation button carries each giver directly to a page where they will find several options for making a payment. These include all of the popular payment options, such as digital wallets and credit cards. Your suporter will not be charged any fees for using any of these options, since the fees will be paid by your organization. These fees are usually negligible when compared to the overall sum donated, so the entire process is made easy for both you and your supporters.

Adding Donate Now Buttons to your Blog

Some bloggers share information about a cause that they participate in and other people can easily contribute to that cause via Donate Now buttons which are used on these blogs. Once a visitor clicks on the button, they will be able to make a donation through the system of their choice.

Talk to one of our experts today to get set up with a hosted payments page (HPP) that allows you to have this capability added to your account! We assist hundreds of Non-Profits that need to take donations from their clients when they are not face to face.

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