Why You Should Make a Positive Impact on Giving Tuesday

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At Payline, our ability to give back on Giving Tuesday and year-round and have a positive impact on our community is at the core of what we do and why why we do it. Here are some of the reasons why we think you should make a positive impact on Giving Tuesday (and every day!):

Giving to a charitable organization may improve your sense of well-being. Knowing that you have made a positive impact by sacrificing something valuable like your time, talents, or resources to help others in need can give you a feeling of purposefulness and satisfaction which can foster good emotional health.

Donations are tax deductible. When you make a donation or contribution to a charitable organization or non-profit on Giving Tuesday, the amount you donate is considered tax deductible.

Supporting a cause can help keep you informed about issues of social justice. When considering making a positive impact, you may decide to research the issues connected to that organization. This helps you to become more educated about social justice issues around the world. You may discover new points of view and opinions on topics about which you were previously uniformed. This knowledge may position you to help increase the awareness of issues among those in your sphere of influence from a balanced and educated standpoint.

Volunteering with a charity may result in physical and social benefits. After donating financially to a charity or non-profit organization, you may feel an inner pull to become more involved with the cause by donating your time and skill as well. By volunteering, you have the opportunity to build your social circles while reaping the physical, mental and spiritual benefits from the labor you contribute to your favorite cause.

Give Back Today

We encourage our merchants to tell their customers that they support organizations in their community. We enjoy working with organizations that understand the importance of a positive impact and continue to support and raise awareness for those in need.  Learn more about how to work with a business dedicated to giving back to others.

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