3 Ways Giving Back May Enhance Your Career

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‘Tis the season of giving at Payline, and we understand the importance of making a positive impact on our community. Although spare time may seem limited around the holidays, we feel that getting your hands dirty and volunteering your time with your co-workers can have many advantages. Here are the top three ways in which giving back enhances your career in a positive way.

1. Expand your network. 

Networking 101 teaches that your network is your net worth and you can find yourself richer when you give more of yourself. Serving on a local board or committee or planning events for organizations can put you in touch with people outside of your circle of influence. This can be helpful to you if you’re looking for a career change or if you’re looking for new opportunities to expand your skill set.

2. Discover new careers.

Volunteering and giving back enhances your career insomuch that it may allow you to experience a new role in a different career that you had not previously considered. For instance, prior to my time in my content marketing role at Payline, I was working in student affairs and higher education at a large, in-state school. During that time, I was lending my time to the marketing arm of a volunteer organization. Upon relocating to Chicago, I was able to cast a wide net for a new job and began my career in marketing, which can be partially attributed to my consistent volunteer experience in that field. If you have a skill for which you are passionate, try to find some way to volunteer where you can keep your skills sharp in the event that a new career path presents itself.

3. Bolster your resume. 

If you’ve always wanted to learn a new skill or need management or project coordinating experience, look no further than volunteer opportunities. Organizations are frequently in need of people to tackle projects like designing websites, data entry, organizing donor lists, and managing social media. Lending your hand to a volunteer project can benefit your career growth and set you apart from other applicants who may not have a similar experience. Plus, your willingness to commit time to organizations outside of a 9-to-5 can prove to an employer that you have great time management skills and do what it takes to learn something new.

Whether you’re searching for a new career or looking to enhance the one you currently have, Payline knows that an excellent employee is one that commits time outside of work to help others in any way. Giving back enhances your career skills and is only a small benefit to the greater impact of giving back. Use your volunteer experience to build an impressive resume with a free CV maker tool, highlighting any new skills, achievements, and time commitments that will stand out to recruiters.

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