More than ever before, delivery and takeout are changing the restaurant industry. As a result, ghost Kitchens explicitly catering to this change are rising. There are numerous advantages to ghost kitchens, but an effective payment processor can allow a ghost kitchen to maximize its profits and avoid many of the industry’s challenges. 

Benefits of Operating a Ghost Kitchen

In recent years food delivery and takeout have skyrocketed in importance and value. More than ever, customers expect to be able to order their favorite foods for either takeout or delivery. As a result, food delivery is becoming an immense industry worth billions of dollars. 

Ghost kitchens are ideally suited to meet this change in demand in the restaurant industry. A ghost kitchen allows you to prepare food for customers for either takeout or delivery without paying for a full restaurant location. A ghost kitchen will enable you to avoid spending money on prime restaurant real estate. No need to worry about foot traffic, and you can save a lot of money on rent. 

Third-party delivery services charge high fees for each delivery. A ghost kitchen with lower costs makes it easier to make the most of the rise of food delivery. Ghost kitchens provide a low-cost option to make the most of the food delivery industry with its tight margins.

How does Payment Processing relate to Ghost Kitchens?

Processing transactions is essential to any business, along with ghost kitchens. Therefore, a good payment processor and point of sale system are crucial for your ghost kitchen’s success. 

Payment processors allow your business to process credit card transactions and modern POS systems perform various functions. To make the most of this rising industry, you must ensure your ghost kitchen maximizes its efficiency. A POS system is a vital tool to accomplish this

Customer Relations

Developing customer relations with a ghost kitchen can be more difficult as you have limited customer interactions. Your ghost kitchen should have loyalty rewards programs and specific marketing campaigns to develop good customer relations. A CRM integration for your POS is a crucial component of your business. It allows you to reward customers for their loyalty to your ghost kitchen automatically. 

Menu Posting

You can easily have your menus posted onto popular delivery apps such as Uber Eats and keep track of all your orders easily

Preparing Orders Accurately 

You want to ensure that your ghost kitchen has an effective ordering system so that you can provide your customers with their food quickly and accurately. POS systems that allow you to use kitchen display systems can help your business. This allows your staff to easily see what the customer ordered, avoiding orders that are not appropriately prepared. In addition, with one automated system, you can easily track multiple menus and orders from third parties. 

Managing Inventory

A POS can also come with inventory management integrations that allow you to track what ingredients are running low and which are in the highest demand by your customers. This will enable you to make informed decisions about the ingredients you need to serve your customers.

Automated Reporting and Purchasing

With a good POS, you can automate your purchasing orders with suppliers, allowing you and your suppliers to save time. You have accurate and automatic reporting at your fingertips. Allowing you to analyze your ghost kitchen and what can be improved. 

Online Payments

You can also set up your own website to allow your customers to buy directly from you instead of through a third-party service. You will need a POS to provide a payment gateway to accept payments through your website

Suppose you create a website or mobile app to allow your customers to order online. In that case, a POS system will enable you to process a variety of payment options allowing your customers to choose their preferred payment method. This enables your business to be as convenient to your customers as possible. 

Payment Processing Options for Ghost Kitchens

There are many options of payment processors for you to choose from for your ghost kitchen. Whatever processor you choose must offer top-of-the-line customer service and low processing fees to avoid the tight margins common with food delivery


Lightspeed is a good payment processor that provides your ghost kitchen with POS solutions. With Lightspeed, you can easily track online orders and work with popular delivery apps such as Doordash and Uber Eats. It also allows you to process a wide variety of payment options allowing you to give your customers choices to pay. 

However, Lightspeed is expensive to use as you will need to pay at least $119 a month to access useful integrations such as reporting and inventory management. This could easily cut into your ghost kitchen’s profit margins, especially if you just started and their customer service has been known to be unresponsive


Toast is another well-respected payment processor in the restaurant industry that can help your business. With Toast, your business can streamline many aspects of operation, from payroll to hiring, and you can easily process a high volume of orders during peak hours. They also offer more affordable plans for new restaurants.

While Toast offers various solutions for your ghost kitchen, it is still more expensive than other options. For example, the Essentials package that allows you to do delivery and online ordering costs $165 a month, and the New Restaurants package costs $110 a month. Additionally, Toast’s online ordering can be complicated. You do not want to risk losing customers because they are confused by your online menu.


Payline is an ideal solution to provide your ghost kitchen with payment processing and POS solutions. To begin with, Payline’s monthly fees are much lower than either Lightspeed or Toast. For example, processing in-person and online transactions would cost $30 in monthly fees. Payne’s affordable pricing can easily allow you to make the most out of your ghost kitchen. 

You also can try out Payline for free and see if it works to serve the needs of your business. Additionally, Payline has a surcharging option that allows you to pass on the per transaction cost to your customers allowing you only to pay monthly fees. Payline is also committed to providing excellent customer service. If you have any issues, call anytime, and a representative will be happy to ensure that your ghost kitchen operates as smoothly as possible.

Payline is very integration friendly and efficiently works with online payment options. This means you can easily add valuable integrations to your POS service with Payline and easily have an online payment option on your website or mobile app. Payline allows your business to be as convenient as possible for your customers. 

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