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The introduction of remote work methods encourages us to increasingly consider methods of contactless actions, including payments. Digital payments are a necessity in every field, from paying for goods and services to paying bills.

But for each industry, there are the most suitable payment gateways that guarantee the safety and success of transfers. Today we will talk about providers of online services – payment transfers in the education industry.

Let’s consider several of the most popular payment gateways, their features, and their advantages.

Features of educational payment programs

To begin with, let’s clarify what a payment gateway is. This is a system of online services for accepting and making payments via the Internet.

It integrates into the required structure – business, state enterprise, etc. In this system, all transactions between the client and the company are carried out.

In the modern field of education, many payments are also made – for training, competitive events, and exams. Therefore, the selected gateway should integrate as efficiently as possible into the required environment.

Its use should be convenient, simple, and accessible for teachers, students, pupils, parents, and other participants in the educational process.

One cannot ignore the numerous doubts related to remote payments. Users, knowing about various types of fraud, do not want to risk their finances.

Therefore, the main condition for the creation of an internal payment system is to ensure confidentiality and protection of user data.

How to do it:

– check the system for excellent equipment with the necessary provisions;

– solve all technical problems that may cause payment errors;

– create several payment methods for different requests.

Be sure that it is electronic payments that are most in demand among users today, because they have many advantages. In particular:

– saving time;

– quick transactions;

– stable cash flow;

– organized payment for any educational services.

– round-the-clock access.

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8 Best Payment Gateways for Education

The modern world needs quick solutions. Convenient and secure access, whether to learning materials or payment systems, is crucial. Next, we will share modern platforms that will make payment for education reliable and fast.

1. ACI Worldwide: an effective payment solution

This is a system in which it is possible to carry out various financial transactions. It has been operating in the world for almost half a century and allows users to work in real-time, making transfers from one country to another.

The gateway is reliably protected against fraud, operations are constantly monitored, and payment technologies are simplified with support for several popular currencies. 

2. Elevate: selection of non-profit organizations

It is the choice of all educational institutions – from schools to universities. High optimization of services increases the level of user engagement. The system allows people to pay for online educational services anywhere in the world.

3. Paymytution: system operating in 180 countries

Through the gateway, you can make all types of payments and use more than 135 types of currencies.  Automated programs allow you to quickly carry out transactions without time costs.  The disadvantage is that it is impossible to carry out operations to countries that are not on the list of the system.

4. Paya: full integration of payments

Tuition, donations, online payments – all types of transactions for students and teachers. The possibility of errors is excluded, and student data is automatically stored and updated. Fast processing of payments using different methods and methods.

5. Community Brands: mobile payments

This is the choice of private and non-profit educational institutions in most countries of the world. Integrated tools optimize education community data, resulting in accurate reporting and financial efficiency. Payments can be made with debit cards or via mobile devices. The peculiarity of the system is that there is no offline version, it can only be used online.

6. RazorPay: contactless payments in real

The platform has over 100 different payment options available and accepts and executes transactions instantly. All necessary subscriptions, routes, collections, and buttons – are in one place. Scaling the operation eliminates the possibility of error. The gateway is not supported by operators, instead, chatbots offer help to customers in solving situations.

7. ACI Speedpay: high security and fast payments

A comprehensive solution for processing online payments without burdening the educational institution’s IT team. It is used in many schools in the USA and Europe. The system is certified and meets all standards. The branded interface guarantees ease of use and satisfaction from a cooperation with the institution.

8. Rediker: cooperation with parents via email

One of the oldest and most effective payment systems that offer simplified payment solutions. Parents and pupils or students automatically receive invoices by e-mail. Administrators of the institution note the simplification of work, and automated creation of reports, invoices, and other payment documents.

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