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Online transactions are increasing. Although not a new system, people are now starting to embrace that the internet and technology are the new things when it comes to selling or paying. In fact, receipts now are digital. So, whether you are someone who sells or buys online, you will encounter businesses that issue digital receipts and customers who will ask for email receipts of their payments.

What are digital receipts and how do they work?

Imagine when someone buys a product from your eCommerce website. After paying, an automatic email will be sent to them to summarize the transactions they had with you, including the products they bought and the cost for each. That automatic email is your digital receipt.

Digital receipts are sent to your customers after successful transactions. So, when they bought something from you and the payment proceeded successfully, they will receive an email containing the digital receipt. The process is pretty simple. Since the email is automatically triggered in an app, you don’t have to manually do the sending.

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Automatic sending of email receipts

To send the digital receipts to your customers, you need an application that will do the action. This app has programs that can work on the process already. All you have to do is to allow it to work for you, Navigate on your page’s checkout setting, and don’t forget to enable this automated feature.

Digital receipts with billing

With an app, you can easily send the billing to your customers with receipts. This is good for transactions that involve an invoice or a subscription payment. Those transactions are typically itemized so as to include line items, taxes, discounts, and other related items that will affect the payment.

Before the app works, you need to enable it in your settings. Ensure that the email of the customer is ready and don’t forget to tick the option which says email the customers after successful payment.

Manual sending of receipts

If you don’t trigger the automated sending of digital receipts, the app also has a feature so you can manually send it through the dashboard. There will be no issues in case you forget to enable the sending of receipts. Remember that automated sending is more convenient and time-savvy. If you tend to continue sending email receipts, you should opt for that feature.

Alerts for failed payments

Apart from sending email receipts, you can also enable sending alerts every time a payment fails. When a customer’s subscription doesn’t succeed, the app will automatically send an alert that such payment fails and that the customer needs to make a payment or update his payment details. This feature is helpful to have control of your collections.

Refund receipts

It’s not only successful and failed payments that are controlled by the app. You can also send refund digital receipts. When your customers request a refund, the receipts will be sent to the email originally used for the payment. You can also manually send the refund receipts using your dashboard. Like how you enable sending automated payment receipts, you should also allow the app to send emails to your customers during the refund process. Go to your settings and fix it.


One great feature about the app is that you can actually customize your receipts. You don’t have to stick to its template and you can arrange the items within the receipt in accordance with your preference. You can also change and fix the language to use in sending the receipts. There’s also an option to customize your logo, which can be done by going to the branding settings. When branding, the template follows the color of your logo. Your logo’s color is adapted to fix your receipt’s optimal header.

The receipts include generally the information of your business, including its address and phone number. With the app’s customized feature, you can opt-out to show your personal information. You can likewise customize the things that will be written on the receipts. You can opt-out of the address but you can retain the phone number. This setting can be applied to your invoice as well. Those are just some of the things you can do with this feature.


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