Have you started a business recently? Do you want to ease the process of making and receiving payments? For this, you need to switch to credit and debit card machines. These machines will make the payment process easier and quicker for you. If you have newly stepped into business and are confused about how to get started with these machines, here is a quick read for you. This article features all the necessary information that you must have before using a card machine.


How does a credit or a debit card machine work?

Card machines are normally connected to the internet or the phone line. This is required for transferring all the important data to the processor. In the case of most credit and debit card processors, funds are shifted from the customers’ bank account to the account of the business merchants.

A card machine goes through the data that remains stored on the magnetic bands or the chip card of the credit or debit cards. Both the bands and the chip contain valuable information about the account holder. All this information is essential for processing the transaction successfully. A card machine reads all data such as the account holder’s name, the account number, the 3/4 digits security code, and the card expiration date.

Then, the payment processor determines if the particular account has sufficient funds to cover the cost that is being charged. If it finds out that the account possesses enough funds, the money is deducted and the sale gets successfully completed.

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What are its different types?

Standalone Terminals:

At Payline, we have a variety of different options in terms of standalone terminals. To go through your options, be sure to talk to an expert. These are traditional card machines. They need a wired connection, either to an internet network or to your phone. This is essential for transferring data for processing and authorization. These terminals can process credit as well as debit cards. Our most common option:

Ingenico Desk 3500:


  • Highest Security
  • All payment options
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Maximized network availability
  • Convenient NFC payment
  • Secure payment from the Telium TETRA OS
  • Eco-designed products

These debit card machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These machines are ideal for card-present transactions. They normally include a magnetic stripe reader, PIN pad, display screen, keypad, and printer. In the case of these terminals, customers need to swipe, tap or dip their credit or debit cards for transactions.

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Wireless or Portable Terminals:

Wireless terminals are generally smaller than the traditional ones. However, they include similar features. The only exception is that wireless terminals get connected to the internet with the help of a cellular network. This implies, that you can use a wireless terminal anywhere you want, provided that you receive a stable signal.

In today’s world where the use of wireless technology is on the rise, wireless card terminals are being increasingly used especially by delivery workers, drivers, service industries, and all others who need to make or receive payments constantly on the go. Our most common mobile reader:


  • USB / Audio Jack / Bluetooth Interface Available
  • EMV L1 / L2
  • ID TECH Common L2 Kernel
  • iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
  • All payment options

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Integrated Point-of-Sale Terminals:

This is a full-fledged system that involves a stationary card terminal with a cash drawer, a receipt printer, a tablet or a monitor, and other additional hardware like a barcode scanner. Some card terminals come with POS software. These help to manage stocks, customer profiles, data, transaction history, etc. You might also need to pay an additional fee for the POS software every month.

Payline is proud to partner with Clover to provide POS systems for our clients. This includes the Clover Station, Clover Mini, and Clover Flex. 

These terminals are complete by themselves. They come with pre-loaded hardware and software. These systems are expensive compared to the other ones mentioned above.

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Are there specific debit card machines?

Technically speaking, most of the credit card terminals accept debit cards. There is nothing like an exclusive debit card machine that is solely used for reading debit cards. Any card reader equipped with a PIN pad can be used for debit card-related transactions.

While choosing a card machine, be sensitive to the needs of your customer. Take proper care to ensure absolute security while a customer enters his or her PIN.


What are the advantages of using such machines?

  • Increase sales:

Once you get a credit card machine, you can start accepting payments in different forms from your customers. This will help you create a good impression among your customer base. When you have a smooth and hassle-free payment system, chances are less that you would lose customers.

With card machines, you will be able to introduce flexibility into your business. By opening the doors to online payment, customers will find it easier to make payments.

  • Gets you ahead of competitors:

Though digitalization is gradually taking over the world, some businesses are still working on the offline mode. Many small businesses have not yet been able to welcome digitalization in their modes of payment. What you need to do to stand apart from such businesses, is to update your business and upgrade its equipment.

Most customers today prefer the online mode of payment. Many types of research have also revealed that customers tend to spend more time while making payments through credit and debit cards than through cash.

  • Increases cash flow:

When you start accepting cards, all payments get settled rather quickly. There is no need to go to the bank and deposit the money, as everything is done electronically. You also do not need to wait for collecting cash from every single customer. This increases the overall cash flow.

Nowadays, people do not carry much cash. Card payments are also more convenient. However, be careful while choosing card machines. Go through the features of the different machines available and then choose the one that fits your budget and suits your needs. With the perfect credit and debit card machine, transactions between you and your customers will be faster, smoother, safer, and more efficient.

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