Credit Card Processing Services Going Beyond Business

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Credit card processing services are able to provide your business with the necessary means to accept credit cards. But, were you aware that there are some credit card processing services going beyond business payments to be impactful?

Payline’s credit card processing services team spent their summer giving back in the community as part of the Payline Giving program which gives every employee three PTO days off a year to volunteer for a cause or organization of his or her choice. Read more about what Payliners had to say about our Summer of Positive Impact and our credit card processing services going beyond business.

Credit card processing services going beyond business during Summer of Positive Impact


What professional development experiences did you have while volunteering this summer?


  • I have always valued the importance of teamwork, but it can be sometimes forgotten in the fast-paced credit card processing services industry. The simple saying “there is no ‘I’ in ‘team’” holds so much weight in a professional environment. Getting the opportunity to volunteer together as a team showed us how much more successful we can be when we work together. Goals can be exceeded, issues can be resolved more quickly – a company can grow leaps and bounds when collaborating on ideas. — Amy Harvey, Onboarding Specialist

credit card processing services teammates visit RMHC

  • At the Ronald McDonald House, I learned that people truly appreciate any help possible; the simplest thing – like a home-cooked meal –  can make someone’s day better or easier. Working together as a team to accomplish something that benefits others is one of the greatest ways to bond. — Jess Piper, Executive Administrative Assistant


  • The best lesson learned anytime we all work together is how like-minded people can make a big difference in people’s lives even just by doing one thing to show you care. — Ryan Wiener, Inside Sales Consultant


  • I had the distinct pleasure of going to the Ronald McDonald House in July. Our team put the menu together for 70 people to eat dinner, and we organized the stations for the food prep and cooking. Going into this event, I was confident on how we would work as a team but nervous about how everything would turn out. We ended up working so well together – it was harmonious, actually! The lessons I learned were to trust the team and be willing to delegate tasks accordingly. I am the kind of person that likes to do it all myself, but delegating is extremely important, particularly for this type of task. — Joel Thomas, Inside Sales Executive


What is a #PositiveImpact memory from the event you would like to share?


  • While grocery shopping for the Ronald McDonald House event at Costco, I saw a teddy bear that I just could not resist buying. It was this giant, Costco-sized bear, as big as me – it was a must-have. I’m not sure the staff at RMHC knew what to do when we came walking in with it! We put it on a bench next to the kitchen to greet everyone as they entered for dinner. The entire evening we heard giggling and laughing from children’s sheer excitement. That bear gave and received so many hugs, it was a highlight of the night! — Dana Kemmerle-Gunn, Operations Manager


  • The kids at RMHC playing and taking pictures with the giant bear we brought for them was a fun memory. Pure joy and happiness is priceless! — J. Piper

credit card processing services for a cause

Why do you think it’s important to have a company culture that gives back?


  • This summer, we demonstrated credit card processing services going beyond business and payments for a more than just a paycheck. It shows our nature of wanting to help others and make a difference. I personally feel closer and more connected to my coworkers every time we volunteer together, which results in better communication and increased motivation back at the office. It’s a win-win situation! — J. Piper

credit card processing services that give back

  • Regardless of whether corporations want to or not, they have a social impact. With such, they have a social responsibility. I am proud to work for a company that is conscious of and actively discusses our impact and our wake. — D. Kemmerle-Gunn


  • Giving back is something we as people should do all the time, so working with a credit card processing services company that gives us the opportunity to do so when other companies or would not is why this is such an important part of our company culture. — R. Wiener


What makes you excited about giving back?


  • The excitement for me is just being able to give back in any way I can and having a positive impact in my community.  Donating my time with my team is so fulfilling. — J. Thomas


  • What gets me excited about giving back? The joy that I feel when I touch someone’s life reaches down to such depths inside my heart. It’s a feeling that is irreplaceable and almost indescribable. Knowing that I have the ability to change someone’s life or make their day by doing something that may seem insignificant to me makes me truly happy. — A. Harvey

Create a Positive Impact

Visit PAWS or Ronald McDonald House Charities to learn how to get involved with these organizations today.

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