Clover vs Square | Which is better for your business?

When looking at the different point of sale systems for your business, there are two that immediately come to mind, Clover and Square. Your hard-earned dollars or your business is making huge profits and you want a better POS system to manage it. We understand your problem and are here to help you out. Clover Vs Square, which is better for your business? The Clover POS and the Square POS have been compared on the following criteria:

  • The POS Equipment options and the price.
  • The price of POS Software.
  • The payment methods accepted.
  • Support for both companies.

What is a Point-of-Sale (POS) system?

Point of sale quite literally means the location in which the sale takes place between you and your customer, be it physical or digital. In its most basic definition, a POS system is a combination of POS hardware and POS software to accept transactions. Hardware is the physical terminal that performs the act of accepting the credit or debit card and is combined with the POS software that helps manage everyday sales and operations. A top of the line POS software brings in business functions such as inventory, reporting, employee and customer management, and more. 

A modern POS system consists of a touchscreen computer that operates with POS software that is used to complete product orders, manage inventory, and more. Check out this article to learn more. 

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Comparing Equipment Options with Clover and Square

Clover POS Hardware

Clover POS equipment has the following four options:

  • StationClover station is the all in one POS system. The cash drawer and receipts are included. The clover station has three different models under it-

One for full-service restaurants priced at $1,349 and is available in three payments of $450.The second is for counter-service restaurants available at $1,649 ( also available at three installments of $549). The third one a station for any business available at $1,399 (available  at three payments of $466). The station helps you in streamlining your operations, keep the information in the cloud, and give you insights.

  • MiniClover Mini is a smaller POS than the station. The size is tiny compared to the station but offers portability. It can be used for payments as well as payrolls. Three models available are all priced at $749 (available in three installments of $250 per month).
  • FlexClover Flex is available at $499. The handheld device offers a lithium-ion battery with Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity. This device also has cloud sync, so you can access the data on your smart device. Capturing signatures, scanning barcodes, and printing receipts are functions that can be performed by it.
  • GoIt is the smallest and designed for small businesses. This device connects to your phone or table with Bluetooth and is designed to accept mobile payments. It is priced at $69.

Square POS Hardware

Square equipment has five options available-

It is a fully integrated POS terminal priced at $799 (24 months installments available priced at $39 per month).

The terminal is a credit card machine to receive payments from customers and give them receipts. It is currently priced at $299 (12 months installments available at $27 per month).

It converts your Ipad into a POS to accept payments of various kinds. One can purchase it for $169 (12 months installments priced at $16 a month).

It is designed to accept chip card payments, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. It is priced at $49.

This handy equipment converts any smart device into a POS. It can be used with free software to accept payments anywhere. The reader is delivered to your mail free of cost.

Clover Vs Square- Hardware verdict

Square wins the POS hardware Clover Vs Square criteria. Not only are Square rates for the hardware lower, but they also offer more models. Moreover, their Magstripe is free of cost and can be used with a free app too. Another great thing about Square rates is the EMI options. They offer an EMI for a longer tenure.

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Comparing POS Software of Clover and Square

Clover POS software

There are two software plans available-

  • Payments Plus

It is a basic plan to accept payments, manage soft copies of the receipts, maintaining a customer list for marketing campaigns, and keeping an eye on sales. One can use it with the Clover Mini and Flex. This is $4.95/month. 

  • Register

The complete package offered by Clover POS in terms of their software is the Register. It can be used with Clover Station, Clover Mini, and Clover Flex. Also, it includes all the features of Payments Plus and offers more. This is a viable option for businesses whose operations are complex and vast. This is $39/month. 

  • Clover POS App Store

If you need an on the go application to track your business sales, then clover also has its own app store with free and paid apps.

Square POS Software

The square POS software is free, but, a percentage is charged to the business on each swipe and tap. Given below are the percentages for each device-

The Square Reader app and Square Stand with Chip Reader- 2.75% each swipe or tap

Square POS for retail- $60 plus 2.75% per swipe or tap

Square POS- 2.6%+10 cents per swipe or tap

This plan can work for businesses that have fewer clients. This holds true because they only pay on a successful transaction but businesses with a lot of transactions can incur a huge cost. The business can ask for a quote more suitable for their businesses from Square. In this regard, Square offers a flexible payment plan.

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Clover Vs Square- Software verdict

Square wins the Clover Vs Square POS software criteria. Clover POS software charges a mandatory fee every month irrespective of if you make a sale or not. Moreover, paid apps are present in the app store (free are available but as mentioned before they are only a few). Square rates are fair since they only make money if you make money. It also offers to negotiate a quote if you would like to pay a certain amount when pay per sales costs you more.

Comparing Payment Methods

Each customer may have a different mode of payment. If your POS is not compatible with the payment modes then you may lose out on customers. Square and Clover POS both offer leading paying methods such as-

  • All major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB)
  • ACH (automated clearing house) payments
  • Checks
  • Gift cards
  • Virtual terminal
  • Magstripe payments
  • EMV payments
  • NFC payments (Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.)

Clover Vs Square- Payment method verdict

Since both of them accept all modes of payments the Clover Vs Square payment method criteria is a tie.

Swapping out merchant accounts is a possibility 

One other thing to mention when looking at POS systems is the option to swap out the merchant account associated with the POS. For example, Clover has relationships with payment processing companies, such as Payline, where you can use their POS hardware and software, but get cheaper payment processing through a different company. 

Get in contact with our sales team if you are interested in learning more about combining Payline and Clover.

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Final Verdict- Clover Vs Square

Overall, Square wins all the criteria of Clover Vs Square. Square POS hardware options and prices, as well as the software’s price, is better than Clover POS. To get started with Square, reach out to them here. 

In terms of cost, Square rates are better than the Clover POS. Especially for a small business since they allow longer tenure EMI on their hardware. The software depends on the sales you make.

If you have found a POS suited for your needs then we are happy to help you. But, if in this comparison of Clover Vs Square you realized that neither suits your needs, Payline would be the perfect fit. We not only offer the best rates for the POS hardware but also our software is top-notch. Our customer support team is ready to help you so you can make an informed and satisfactory decision. Schedule a call with us now to discuss your options further.

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