Your check out is the last interaction your customers have with the business and is one of the most important. Therefore, it would be best to maximize check out convenience for your customers. If you cannot, your in-person customers may not come, and your online customers may abandon the purchase altogether. Payline can work with your business to streamline your check out and make it as easy for your customers as possible. 

Importance of In Store Check Out

Most customers would instead shop for brands available in a physical store. But these customers overwhelmingly say the person check out process is the most frustrating part of buying in person. Waiting in line for a long time is a common complaint among many customers regarding in-person shopping.

If your check out process is good, you can leave customers with a positive last impression about your business and make them want to come back again

How to Improve In Store Check Out

Most importantly, customers want speed and convenience. They want to buy your products as quickly as possible. Therefore, your improvements should focus on enhancing speed and convenience as much as possible. 


Customers look for your business with innovative technology to demonstrate that your business is committed to delivering the best solutions. This includes a wide variety of new technologies that can help your business. 

You can also develop your own retail app for your business. These can help customers navigate your store, smooth over the payment process, and allow for easy-to-use customer rewards programs. For example, QR codes allow customers to scan a code and complete the entire payment process online. This takes away the need to wait in line for check out. 

Mobile terminals can allow your staff to accept payment anywhere in your business. This could quickly help eliminate the frustratingly long lines customers do not like. 


Integrating your POS system directly into your payment processor allows you to streamline the payment process. Integrated POS systems that would enable you to analyze easily when your store is busy and allow you to have the appropriate amount of staff to avoid long lines at check out

Staff Training and Internet Connection

You may also need to retrain your staff to emphasize the importance of keeping the check-out process as smooth as possible. You may also need to update your internet connection, especially with cloud-based POS systems.

Self Check Out

Self-checkouts have become more popular for a good reason. These check outs take up less space allowing for more terminals. As a result, you can shorten the length of lines in your store and devote more staff to helping customers that are still browsing. 

Email Receipt

Email receipts allow customers to leave as soon as the transaction is done without waiting for the receipt printer to work. You also can attach coupons and promotions to these email receipts to allow your customers to continue to engage with your business. 

POS Upgrade

Your POS may be clunky and require too many steps to process a payment. If this is the case, you may need to upgrade your POS to streamline your check out. 

Pick Up Service

Additionally, you can offer your customers options to pay ahead for their order and pick it up at your store. This enables customers to go through the check out process from the comfort of their homes. 

Online Check Out 

Your check out process is just as crucial for online shopping. Arguably it is more critical as customers may abandon the purchase altogether if the process is too complicated.

Your customers may abandon a purchase on your website for various reasons. Therefore, it is critical that you pay attention to the details of your online check out process. Your check out process must be clear and straightforward to use.

When your customer goes to pay online, numerous steps occur in a few seconds. Therefore, your payment processor must make this as easy and streamlined as possible. 

Online Gateway Improvements

Avoid Registration Requirements

You should avoid forcing your customers to sign up on your website in order to make a purchase. This is an unnecessary and annoying step that drives away many customers. As such, you should always offer a guest checkout to allow customers to pay quickly

Payment Form

Have the payment form look like a credit card so that it is easy for your customers to input their information. You also want this form to look professional and secure to reassure customers that their information is protected. 

Streamline the Process

Cut down the check out process to as few steps as possible. For example, you can have just three steps, address, delivery, and payment. This makes the process as painless as possible for your customers. 

You want to infuse credibility into the process as much as possible and cut out as many distractions as well

Progress Bar

Include a progress display bar to let your customers see how far in the process they are.

Payment Options

It is important to allow your customers to pay with a variety of payment methods. This allows your check out to be as convenient as possible for your customers. 

Get Help

Developing a fully integrated online gateway for your website can take some time. There are many nuances in setting up a gateway, and you may need help from your chosen payment processor with this

How can Payline help your Check Out?

Payline can help your business with either your in-store or online check out. You can purchase top-of-the-line hardware such as Clover and Oracle for POS solutions. Payline’s POS solution allows your business to have fast and secure terminals that can speed up your entire check out process. 

With Payline, you can also have a wide variety of integrations that can allow your business to streamline operations and allow your staff to focus more on conversions. Payline also allows you to accept various payment options in person or online. 

Additionally, Payline will work with your team for online gateways to provide you with as smooth a check-out process as possible. Payline also offers excellent security so your customers can have peace of mind buying from your website. Payline also offers affordable and transparent pricing, so you can get excellent payment processing for a fraction of the cost of other processors. 

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