Case Study: EasyEats and Food Truck POS

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Our Partner’s Backstory 

EasyEats is a Minnesota-based POS company. They provide food trucks with the software and hardware they need to act effectively and efficiently to run their business. The founders of EasyEats saw there was a gap in the industry. As there needed to be a comprehensive POS system built to cater specifically to the needs of food trucks. 

While options such as Toast were available for restaurants. These systems are typically more expensive than food trucks can afford. Additionally, they usually have more features than food trucks need. EasyEats provides a more affordable solution to food truck owners without unnecessary and ultimately costly features.  

Their Success Story

EasyEats started up in Minnesota. This is a difficult regional market, mainly inactive for half of the year due to weather. Despite this difficulty, EasyEats has been able to expand, develop, and reach markets across the country. 

They have accomplished this by providing various useful features for food truck operators. The system’s core is tablets to accept payments and orders, whether online or in person. This removes the need to have a separate device in the truck for online orders saving both money and limited space in the truck for preparing orders. Kitchen display screens with EasyEats enable users to stop using inefficient paper tickets that hamper the workflow. EasyEats provides live order tracking, which allows food trucks to offer detailed order updates via text to their customers. 

EasyEats also combines valuable features such as online ordering and location tracking, which are typically only offered as a stand-alone service. In doing so, EasyEats has created a comprehensive system to provide food trucks with the tools they need to maximize efficiency. In addition, EasyEats strives to make the system even more robust and valuable, setting it apart from competitors such as Square. 

Warren, one of EasyEats’ owner-operators and founders, told Payline that it’s cool to see how the EasyEats team has been able to change customer behavior. They accomplished this by dramatically decreasing friction in food truck operations. 

Industry Insights

The food truck industry is an easy way for aspiring chefs and business owners to enter the food and restaurant industry. However, starting a brand new restaurant can easily cost upwards of a million dollars. This starkly contrasts with a new food truck that can be easily started with $100,000. 

While it is an easy industry to get into, profit margins can become thin due to factors such as burdensome local regulations and bad weather that can drive away customers. EasyEats works to maximize the potential of food trucks by automating, streamlining, and improving vital functions such as taking orders, tracking orders, and ensuring efficiency. Because of the realities of the industry, food trucks need tools like EasyEats to make themselves viable in the long run. 

EasyEats’ Problems with Other Processors.

Initially, EasyEats worked with Square to process in-person orders and Stripe to process online ordering. EasyEats ultimately chose to move away from both as they were direct competition and their prices were excessively high. After Square and Stripe, EasyEats worked with SumUp due to more competitive pricing. 

However, Warren told us that SumUp needed better service despite the better pricing. For example, EasyEats had to deal with many network outages because of SumUp. Additionally, SumUp’s partnership program could have been better organized. In fact, EasyEats actually lost customers due to these problems.

Finding Payline

EasyEats discovered Payline through Google and checked out various reviews of Payline by other users. Warren discussed how he appreciated the transparency of Payline and how our website was able to provide valuable materials that helped him better understand the payment space. 

Decision-Making Process

While investigating Payline, Warren discussed how the honesty and transparency of our sales team helped the process along. Partnerships like this can be quite a significant commitment, especially for companies with smaller teams like EasyEats. We were committed to providing the information EasyEats required. Payline was able to make the beginning of the partnership much less daunting for the team at EasyEats. 

After Warren discussed the potential for a partnership with Payline with the rest of the owner-operators at EasyEats, they began offering their customers, both existing and new, the option to use Payline processing. “We have 20% to 30% of our people that still use SumUp or Square for various reasons. But the vast majority of our customers moved, and 95% of our new customers we push toward Payline,” said Warren. EasyEats and its customers save money and gain access to quality payment processing thanks to our ongoing partnership with EasyEats. 

Challenges EasyEats Presented Payline

EasyEats posed a variety of challenges to Payline. EasyEats needed us to process both online and in-person transactions at a very competitive rate. Additionally, our system would need to be able to work when food trucks are not connected to the internet. Food trucks also were moving locations from day to day. 

We also needed to ensure our system could integrate effectively with the hardware solutions EasyEats offers its customers. Despite some initial difficulties with card readers, EasyEats worked with us to ensure they had the payment hardware solutions their customers needed. By working alongside our partner, we were able to meet these challenges. We are more than willing to work with our customers or partners to provide a customized payment solution for their business. 

Why EasyEats Chose to Partner with Payline

With Payline, EasyEats could obtain reasonable pricing and substantially better support and network stability. It has also been very beneficial for EasyEats to have our team at Payline able and willing to answer questions. This makes it easier to resolve any issues with the partnership. EasyEats enjoys using Payline and still selling its own system to its customers without losing the competitive pricing that Payline can offer.

By partnering with Payline, EasyEats has been able to continue to offer food truck operators competitive pricing and a stable and reliable payment network. Our service quality and reliability allow EasyEats to function as it should. They are able to provide food truck operators with truly comprehensive tools to maximize efficiency without having to worry about us dropping the ball when it comes to processing payments.

Our support is significant as EasyEats’ system is more complex and comprehensive than competitors such as Square. By providing quality support, we assist EasyEats with avoiding some of the difficulties that come with operating a more complex system. 

Why has EasyEats Stuck with Payline

EasyEats has stuck with Payline for three simple reasons. Good support, reasonable pricing, and the system works. EasyEats appreciates that our team is very willing to help even though EasyEats is a smaller business. At Payline, we focus on providing top-quality support to all of our customers and partners. Whether you have 10,000 employees or 10, we will make the time to ensure that our payments system is working for your business. 

Throughout our partnership, we have been able to provide our partners at EasyEats with competitive pricing so they can continue to offer affordable solutions to food truck operators. This is especially important in this industry. This is due to the slim profit margins of food trucks and the fact that many operators are likely brand-new business owners. By providing affordable pricing, EasyEats is able to assist its customers by cutting costs in an industry where this is absolutely essential. Additionally, with our partnership with EasyEats, they can easily beat larger competitors such as Square and Grubhub in pricing. 

By working with EasyEats, we have created a payment system that suits their specific business needs. We want our system to fit our partner’s or customer’s needs as effectively as possible. We take care of the payments. While our partners at EasyEats can focus on developing and providing ever more valuable features to food truck operators around the country. 

How Can You Partner with Payline?

You can contact our team here if you are interested in a partnership with Payline like ours with EasyEats. We will work with your team to create an affordable, reliable, customized payment solution for your business. With top-quality service, just like we have done with EasyEats for over two years. We are committed to ensuring your business grows and succeeds throughout our partnership.

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