A Business Owner’s Guide to Using CardPointe

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If you have a business with high traffic and need a solution for tracking payments, CardPointe, a cloud-based platform, might be for you. You can grow your business quickly and efficiently, letting you generate more revenue with less effort.

You’ll be able to track customers, increase loyalty, and create a better experience for everyone. CardPointe is an easy process to track online purchases.

See below for a full business owner’s guide to this solution, and how to get the most out of it.

Streamlining Your Business With CardPointe

As a cloud-based software for business, CardPointe takes the hassle out of tracking client transactions. Creating an account using this all-in-one solution has several benefits including a dashboard, quick refund processes, and more.

Using software that makes it easy to process client transactions in addition to actioning refunds or voiding payments. Staff who log in to the platform can see their business finances at a glance making it easy to get an overall view.

Streamline business operations for customers and staff. With options to review shipping locations, order status, and detailed transaction data using this platform will assist the efficiency and productivity of your business.

What comes with Cardpointe

There are many other benefits to signing up with CardPointe. The platform has additional tools related to other aspects of the business.

  • Administration and Reporting Benefits

In combination with detailed payment history and information, there are also a few options to pull data. The platform has reporting tools that allow a business to see payments over time.

You can filter report results by the method of payment, store location, and more. It provides a great snapshot of how your business is functioning.

Additionally, there are notification options available through the platform. Set up email notifications for staff to receive instant updates on things like purchases or new customers.

The platform also allows for an administrator or account owner to set up users. This gives a lot of flexibility in terms of which staff members have access to different areas of the platform. This feature is great for security purposes.

  • Application and Software Integrations

A great addition to this payment solution is the ability to integrate with other software. This includes things like Point of Sale software, payroll administration, and shopping carts.

Customize Your Dashboard

The dashboard makes it easy for merchants to access their financial statements at a glance. As the first thing you see when you log in to CardPointe, it gives you the ability to view transactions, funding events, history, and notifications.

Mobile Apps – Cardpointe Mobile

As a free addition to having an account, members will gain access to a mobile version of the platform. This broadens the accessibility of its benefits. Access the same dashboard and client history/transactions from your iOS or Android device.

This makes using CardPointe easier for both merchants and clients.

Virtual and Countertop Terminals

Set up a standalone device external to the online or mobile version of the platform. This device just needs a wireless or ethernet connection and works for all businesses, including restaurants.

It includes a feature for restaurants, spas, or similar businesses specifically including options to add gratuities and ID features for individual staff.

This is great for quick transactions using tap, swipe, or manual methods of card payments. The virtual device is great for businesses and clients alike because it also tracks payment history easily accessible for both.

Countertop terminal options refer to using a ‘countertop’ system like a computer that connects to your payment device. This is what you generally see in retail stores with cash registers.

Create a Virtual Catalog

Set up a virtual catalog for clients. This option allows you to list your merchandise with custom pricing. It also allows you to categorize products and include tip options. It doesn’t stop there – you can even make deals or discount offers for clients too.

Additional Customization Options

There are additional customization options that come with a CardPointe account. You have the option to customize receipt information with specific fields extracted from their customer profile.

This works by pulling information from a client’s payment profile. As an account holder, you have the option of pulling selected information from their profile to display on receipts or not.

If you prefer to process transactions on specified days, you can customize days to complete what’s called ‘funding batches.’ This gives you the choice of setting up a time.


What do you do if you need to contact CardPointe support? Well, there is an in-app option to send support tickets. Although they do suggest you try searching their FAQ page first, or selecting the ‘Send Feedback’ option.

Support is easy to access through the platform by clicking Support and Create Ticket. There are a few other options to choose from before submitting.

The support portal is great as it displays all past submitted tickets. There is also an option to include additional comments and view ticket history. All support communication is included in one place.

A great addition is setting up email communications when a support contact responds to your inquiry.

Getting Started With CardPointe

The signup process is simple for a business that can see the benefits of using CardPointe.

Through the merchant registration form, you will begin the process of creating an account. Access the website with your login credentials and one-time security passcode sent to the administrator email.

With a fairly low monthly price point and an extensive list of added benefits, it is a great option for businesses looking to achieve a simple payment process.

Give Business a Boost

CardPointe gives you an upgraded version of payment systems by including reporting tools and detailed transaction history. With security features and encryption, clients can be assured that their payment details will be kept safe.

As a central system for customer payments from virtual and counter terminals to mobile apps, it simplifies the process. This solution works to enhance the client and business experience.

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