BBPOS Chipper: Mobile Solution Spotlight

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Everyone has heard about mobile payments establishing and expanding their foot in the global market but have ever thought about how it came to be? For example, what is a BBPOS Chipper? How does it related to mobile devices and mobile card readers? Let’s dive in to learn more.


What BBPOS Chipper stands for?

BBPOS manufactures and designs a variety of mPOS(mobile point of sale) devices concurrently with the managing tools to monitor these. With all the equipment, by the hardware, cardholder’s data is guaranteeing safety to the customer or acquirer in every way.

Everyone has been in a retail store, in the cafeteria, the grocery store where people are stuck in the passive long queue. Unfortunately, when some shoppers finish, a few of them will leave their goods and leave the due to the checkout length. The need for a quick solution to expedite the checkout process only increased.

This kind of common happening is a memo to those people working in the business like payment industries that buyer attention is low and their tolerance is even lower. Transaction rate is of the utmost importance! People couldn’t help but smile, realizing that mPOS systems and devices can work out this problem.

The mPOS Payment evolved with the changing times. Now, it is completely mobile and incredibly powerful. Businesses utilizing mPOS solutions are able to find new checkout lines directly to acclimate an abrupt inflow of shoppers. Or when any station hits an obstacle. BBPOS tools are so portable that affiliates can even serve clients while standing in a queue to finish off transactions. Some shopping stores will have their employees walk around with a mobile option to check out a client quickly, and to grab the sale.

BBPOS solutions furthermore propose unique benefits that run beyond finishing trade transactions or payments. With mPOS, marketing affiliates can proceed aside from the bar, and expand true “consumer services.” This proficiency to connect with consumers furnishes a chance to cultivate connections and enhance marketing. Beyond everything, mPOS solutions strengthen the whole consumer experience and boost the probability of return trade.

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How does BBPOS relate to mobile payment processing?

BBPOS steers a modern period in the mobile payment epoch in various parts of the world.For example, the Chipper is an mPOS device, with a compact design. It modifies smart devices (tablets or smartphones) into payment points or platforms. This allows merchants to accept debit card, prepaid card, and credit card payments anywhere, anytime.

The BBPOS creators in 2008, realized the untapped capability of a smartphone mechanization and functioned to incorporate this modern device into the transaction process. The BBPOS team is recognized throughout the payments industry for evolving services and systems forward of technology manias. They are, in reality, among the inventors of mPOS services or technology. Additionally, they are identified as a trailblazers, worldwide distributors, and manufacturers of mobile POS solutions. The BBPOS team cover industries like hospitality, retail, delivery, government clients, and transportation. Their invention and supervision have enabled themselve to become among the world’s broadest and fastest developing mPOS solution servicer. Their objective is to create unions with institutions that anticipate reliability, versatility, and speed from the mPOS network, and assistance from the corporation behind the network.


Mobile device

Mobile Devices implies handheld, battery-operated, electronic special communication equipment, like, or comparable to, smartphones, cellular telephones, pagers or PDAs, comprising such gadgets that are mainly traded for objectives distinct from playing online games, on an on these devices integrate game-playing functions, like, or comparable to, Motion’s Blackberry, Android devices, and Apple’s iPhone

A small hardware tool that attaches to a smartphone or tablet to approve payment or fee from credit or cards, basically turning the gadget into a portable or mobile point of sale (mPOS) is known as a mobile reader.

Mobile card readers deliver several objectives, facilitating transactions via one or additional procedures comprising card swipe, contactless payment, and chip card transactions. A credited mobile app generally gives popular point-of-sale (POS) marks like receipts, sales tax estimations, invoicing, and many more. Generally, the gadgets are inexpensive or free and customers have authorized a small cost per transaction. Many people are comfortable with Android-based gadgets and iOS. Mobile card readers examples involve, Square Reader, Clover, and PayPal.

The related technologies and mobile card readers are among the enabling aspects behind the flowing maker trend, a movement toward pocket-sized and extensive production. The affordability and ease these options give for card processing assisting pocket-sized production feasible.


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BBPOS Chipper 2X BT

The BBPOS 2X BT Chipper is a device handheld for readers to employ with phone apps. It employs Low Bluetooth Energy to attach with the Stripe SDK Terminal on a device.

This BBPOS Chipper 2X BT reader is compatible with Android SDKs and iOS.


Switching the BBPOS reader off and on

To switch the BBPOS Chipper 2X BT reader on, press and remove the power switch. The light is visible to reflect power. The reader stays for the Bluetooth connectivity for around five to six minutes before turning it off.

When the BBPOS Chipper 2X BT reader is attached to equipment operating your application, its indicator light shines solid blue. If the device is inactive or dormant for around or over 30 seconds, it reaches a standby character to save power. As a result, its indicator light starts up twinkling at 5-second periods. The reader remains connected to the Android device or iOS during standby. It will exit the mode automatically when you continue the activity.

The reader instinctively shut off after 9 to 10 hours of passivity. To turn off the reader manually, hold and press the power switch till the light turns out. One doesn’t require the reader to turn off to save power.


BBPOS Chipper Conclusion

So this is how BBPOS has come up as a revolution in the payment industries which has enabled people to save their precious time and employ it somewhere. Today because of these developments we don’t have to stand in long queues just for transactions. For consumers, it might not seem like a large importance for businesses. However, for the business owners themselves, its value comes from the years of waiting. Merchants recall the long lines in order to process their clients’ payments. Now transactions happen in just a blink.


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