What to Include in Your B2B Marketing Strategy in 2017

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Does your B2B organization have what it takes to increase leads and gain new business in the new year? Payline takes a look at several strategies your B2B marketing team needs to consider in order to see a sales boom in 2017.


Invest in video content. 

Despite what some experts are saying about video content reaching its peak in 2017, we at Payline believe that video marketing is a crucial part of your B2B marketing strategy.  A study completed by eMarketer found that B2B buyers say that video is among the most useful type of content for making business purchases. One thing you can utilize in your strategy is the creation of an explanatory video series. This type of content could be contain product demonstrations, explanations of difficult-to-comprehend topics, or simply a vlog that shares company updates.


Really zero-in on your target market.

When it comes to your most valuable customers and target demographic, do you really know with whom you are communicating? As trends change, so do purchasing habits. “Hyper-targeting” is one way to combat against a muddled target customer profile. Your marketing team should go so far as to create very detailed customer personas based on current consumer data in order for your marketing decisions in the year ahead to resonate with your MVBs – most valuable businesses.


Align your message.

As you venture into the year ahead, take some time with your team to do a content audit.  Go through your past year of content and consider what can be reused, what aligns with your customer personas, and what are the gaps in your current content offerings? Then, create a content calendar focused on topics and not on types of content. Consider what content belongs at the top of your sales funnel and where you can use content in nurture opportunities. Creating a content roadmap will help your team see exactly what is planned for the year ahead and how all of marketing’s content pieces fit together and align with the overall business message.

Experience Payments Differently

Trends are always evolving in the B2B marketing industry; therefore, your strategies need to reflect change in order to reach your best customers and prospects in creative and appealing ways. Keep your customer at the center of your strategy to continue to engage and build relationships. If you adjust your marketing strategy to align with the above principles, you can communicate effectively and see sales take off in the coming year. Trust Payline to give you the tools and solutions you need to run your business successfully.

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