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Today, Payline is marking Veterans Day by supporting a local organization, Chicago Veterans. For the past month, Payliners have participated in the 22 Pushup Challenge to raise awareness of suicide among America’s veterans. As it mentioned in our company mission, Payline was determined to make a positive impact on an organization in the community by educating others on the needs of this organization. Our team concluded the challenge by donating $2,222.22 to Chicago Veterans (and by flexing to show their month of dedication to this cause).

We felt this cause was important since many of our friends have served in the military or are currently on active duty. In 2012, the VA released a report that showed an average of 22 veterans are killed by suicide (KBS) every day. The mission of the 22 Pushup Challenge is to educate others about this statistic. This creates a positive impact by allowing the community to confront this issue by recognizing triggers. It was important to us to also make a contribution to an organization that provides assistance to the veterans in our community.

According to their website, Chicago Veterans has a mission to “help our military transition to civilian life by uniting all of the resources available in the Chicagoland area and making them easily accessible” Chicago Veterans also creates a positive impact in the following ways:

100% Volunteer-Driven. Chicago Veterans is 100% volunteer driven, not one staff member takes a salary. From our web development to our programs, events, and job fairs, veterans and supporters donate their time and funds to help build a strong veteran community.

100% Direct Giving. Donors rarely know where their money goes, so we set out to change this. By covering our operational costs through private donors, events, and companies, 100% of every dollar donated online goes directly into our programs and building the veteran community.

100% For-Purpose. Chicago Veterans uses a “for-purpose” approach. Blending the head of a for-profit business with the heart of a humanitarian nonprofit, we rigorously measure the return on investment of every donor dollar we spend. Joy and passion are great, but results are what we’re all about.

Create a Positive Impact

To learn more about how you can support this cause, visit the Chicago Veterans site. If you want to see how we flexed our muscles this past month, check out our video. We are grateful to be able to bring light to this issue by supporting such a worthy cause.

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