Chargeback Prevention – The Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™ from Verifi

Manage Chargebacks
and Fight Fraud

The Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™ (CDRN©) from Verifi offers the chargeback prevention tools you need to stop fraud and chargebacks and avoid costly fees, fines, and penalties.


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Chargeback Prevention From Verifi

Payline is an Authorized Reseller of Verifi’s award-winning Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network® (CDRN), which not only helps to protect your business by providing industry-leading chargeback prevention but also helps to boost transaction volume and your revenue.


What You Get With CDRN©

Unmatched Quality & Accuracy

Verifi provides customer-initiated dispute data directly from top issuing banks in near real-time to help you understand how true and accurate the risk is for each dispute.


  • Acting on supplemental, old data (like TC40)
  • False alerts that may drastically increase your costs
  • Loss of profit due to over refunding and time-consuming manual reviews
Timely Dispute Notifications

Get notifications 60% faster than traditional chargeback processes and 72 hours to review and resolve the dispute before it becomes a chargeback.


  • Short resolution timeframes that defect service and don’t stop the chargeback
  • Chargebacks from additional billings
  • Additional fraud losses from pending fulfillment of goods and services
Comprehensive Coverage

CDRN© chargeback prevention from Verifi stops up to 50% for BOTH fraud AND non-fraud chargebacks.


  • Costly fees, fines, penalties, and wasted resources
  • Potential loss of processing privileges
  • Narrow coverage for fraud/non-fraud reason codes

Chargeback Protection to Help You Through the Holiday Season

The holiday season brings booming sales, but this can also lead to an increase in chargebacks and fraudulent transactions. We can your business prepare to deal with whatever comes its way.

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How to Prevent Chargebacks With Verifi

Chargebacks present major problems for many businesses. Learn how to be better equipped to reduce chargeback disputes and win back lost revenue.

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What Is a Chargeback and Why Do They Happen?

Have you ever asked what is a chargeback? We’ll help you define what it is, how and why they occur, and what you can do to prevent them at your business.

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Flexible set up options to best fit your business

  • Integration
  • Dispute case notification
  • Fraud & non-fraud coverage
  • Enrollment of merchant descriptors
  • Who resolves open case?

Managed Service

  • No
  • To Verifi
  • Yes
  • Verifi
  • Verifi


  • Yes
  • To Merchant
  • Yes
  • Merchant
  • Merchant

Self-Service Portal

  • No
  • To Merchant
  • Yes
  • Merchant
  • Merchant
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Guard Your Payments, Grow Your Profits

Payline, together with Verifi, will get you the merchant services you need to ensure comprehensive and balanced fraud management and chargeback prevention.

Verifi’s Intelligence Suite works to mitigate payment fraud threats with one simple-to-use solution.  Their turn-key risk management platform allows you to easily customize the most appropriate services to protect your business, gain greater customer insights, and seamlessly keep pace with emerging fraud threats.

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A Smart Solution For All Your Business Needs

Easy Integration

Get started with Verifi quickly and easily by eliminating integration costs and headaches. Take advantage of their easy-to-integrate fraud protection and chargeback prevention suite.

Customizable Tool

You choose which technologies and tools you want to use. Just let Verifi know what you need and they’ll get you the ideal level of fraud protection for your business.

Consumer Insights

Use Verifi’s detailed and inclusive rules engine to gain deep customer insights in real-time. Use this data to fine-tune your chargeback prevention with over 500 unique data points.

Faster Transactions

Verifi’s Intelligence Suite delivers fraud protection and efficient transaction processing. Keep your customers happy with efficient authentication and verification without the lengthy review process.

Stop Losses From Bad Actors

Quickly and accurately uncover fraud by identifying and blocking risky devices BEFORE they have a chance to use stolen payment cards or IDs.

Pinpoint Purchase Behavior

Non “spoofable”, Geolocation technology allows you to pinpoint the origination of the purchaser’s location without interfering with the user experience.

Chargeback Revenue Recovery Service From Verifi

This premier service from Verifi can help increase your chargeback win rate, save you time, and recover lost profits that belong to you. They will show you how you can recover revenue without tying up IT resources you don’t have and can’t afford.

Immediate ROI

•  Guaranteed ROI – Pay-for-performance pricing model means you only pay a nominal percentage when we’re successful (fixed rate fee option also available).
•  Win rate nearly 2X the industry average – reclaim more than 50% of disputes

Comprehensive Omni-Channel Coverage

•  Support for all media enables you to recover chargebacks for BOTH card-present and card-not-present channels.
•  Covers all card brands and major payment methods (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)…and even PayPal.

Streamline Your Process

•  In-depth analytics and reporting features can help identify problems in the operation and improve fraud and chargeback prevention measures.
•  Lower costs and free up your time from hiring, training and maintaining staff.

Industry-Leading Expertise

•  Trusted leader in the payments space processing hundreds of thousands of chargebacks EVERY month.
•  Our Chargeback Recovery Specialists handle all aspects of the dispute process: research, case positioning, and all the issuer communications through resolution.
•  Long-term relationships with top issuing banks and processors give us insight into all the complex details of chargebacks – when to dispute them.

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